Medical records

Medical records

Information about your medical care and test results is recorded in the Patient Data Repository. You can view your own medical records in My Kanta pages.

The Patient Data Repository is a Kanta service where the healthcare units record patient data from their own information systems in a secure way. The Patient Data Repository enables sharing of medical records between various healthcare units if you have given your consent to data sharing.

If you give your consent to data sharing, the doctors and nurses treating you in Finland will see your previous medical records.  When the information related to your care is shared between different healthcare providers, the quality of care will improve and there is no need to carry out the same treatments and tests over again. 


Your medical records can be viewed at different places of care only if you give your consent to data sharing

Dealing with your medical issues is easier and quicker when your records are accessible regardless of the place of care. You can give your consent to data sharing in My Kanta pages or in writing in the healthcare services.

Browsing the data in the Patient Data Repository always requires a care relationship. The medical records can only be accessed by healthcare employees who have a healthcare professional card and a right to access the data in the Patient Data Repository in accordance with their duties.

Which medical records are saved in Kanta?

The medical information and test results in the patient documents are recorded in the Patient Data Repository of the Kanta Services. More data is constantly added to the Patient Data Repository. At the moment, oral healthcare data is being added to the repository. In the future, e.g. pre-hospital emergency care and social welfare data will also be included in Kanta. 

The data will be accessible from the moment the healthcare unit starts to record data in the Patient Data Repository. Medical records prior to that date are not accessible in the repository or My Kanta pages. 

Kanta is used by both public and private healthcare providers

The Patient Data Repository of the Kanta Services is used by all public healthcare units and a large proportion of private healthcare providers. Its use is constantly increasing. You can check the up-to-date list of the private healthcare providers that are using the service

See your medical records saved in My Kanta pages in healthcare services

You can browse your own health records in My Kanta pages. My Kanta pages shows the same data that has been entered in the patient data system of the healthcare service. If you notice any shortcomings or errors in your data, please contact the healthcare unit responsible for your care.

Last updated 29.10.2021

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