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Kanta client test service staging environment is available for self-testing

Notice - Developers Written on 14.02.2019 All notices

The Kanta client test service staging environment is a production-like environment that system suppliers and their client organisations can use for Kanta self-testing.

Purpose of use

The staging environment is a technical test environment encompassing the Prescription, Patient Data Depository, Archive of Social Services Client Data and My Kanta services.  

System suppliers and client organisations can use the staging environment for self-testing. The Kanta staging environments are primarily intended for testing outside the joint testing process. However, Kela can authorise the staging environment to be used as part of the joint testing process should a development version of the client test service differ substantially from the production version.  

System suppliers and healthcare organisations may use the staging environment to test changes to their patient information systems in an environment that corresponds to that which is in production at the time the changes are deployed. The environment can also be used to test the deployment of already certified systems and alternative configurations, as well as to troubleshoot production errors. The staging environment is not intended to be used for training.

Requirements for use

The participating organisation’s own test environment is integrated with the staging environment based on the technical details declared in the application to join the Kanta client test service. Use of the staging environment requires clients to understand the limitations inherent in the environment and its intended purpose. When applying to adopt the staging environment, client organisations and pharmacies must submit a testing plan to Kela and describe their reasons for adopting the environment. Kela reviews the application based on the testing plan submitted.

More information on adopting the staging environment can be found in the instructions for joining the Kanta client test service (available in Finnish and Swedish only).