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It is worthwhile to join the Kanta services

Notice - Citizens Written on 18.07.2017 All notices

In My Kanta Pages, citizens can view their medical data recorded by public healthcare providers and increasingly also by private healthcare operators. At the same time, the quality of patient care improves when patient data recorded in the Kanta services can be utilised by different medical units.

"When we see a customer, for example, due to a knee complaint, they may not necessarily have a completely clear idea of what kind of examinations and treatment they have already received. Perhaps the knee has already been X-rayed on the public healthcare side," explains Markku Varpela, Specialist in Orthopaedics, Surgery and Traumatology at the Aava Medical Centre.

"When the patient’s treatment information is accessible in the Kanta system, we can avoid unnecessary duplication of work. That way, the quality of care improves considerably."

Jari, 34, customer of the Aava Medical Centre, is happy with My Kanta Pages: "It is very useful that I can see my medical data from both the public and private healthcare services in one place. Movement of open data is the future, and it’s great to see it happening in Finland!"

The Aava Medical Centre is the first private clinic to join the Kanta services.

"Currently, data is still not available in the Kanta services with respect to all patients," Varpela says.

According to Varpela, utilisation of medical data in the Kanta services is an extremely smart move with respect to the health clinics and patients. Patients can improve the service by allowing sharing of their personal data between different healthcare units.

The Kanta services are used by all public healthcare units and they are also used extensively by private healthcare providers. Almost 150 private healthcare providers are recording patient data in Kanta, and this number is rising. After joining the Kanta services, companies will also be better equipped for the freedom of choice as a result of the SOTE reform.

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