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My Kanta Pages updated – performs better on mobile devices

Notice Written on 20.06.2018 All notices

My Kanta Pages get a new look and it has been developed to improve accessibility to mobile users. My Kanta pages is being developed by listening to the users. The features are improved on the basis of customer feedback, the client panel, and user surveys. My Kanta pages aims to be an easy-to-use service for everyone to access their personal data in healthcare services.

Updates in My Kanta pages 

  • The service has a new look.
  • My Kanta pages is now more scalable and it also performs better on mobile devices. The development of mobile use will be continued further during the course of this year.
  • Improvements related to the browsing of data:
    • In health data, appointments can now be searched according to the diagnosis. All the diagnoses that have been saved in the user’s data in the Kanta services can be selected in the search function.
    • The separate Diagnoses page has been removed.

My Kanta Pages is an online service for citizens, where they can view their medical records and prescriptions. My Kanta Pages also allows you to request the renewal of a prescription and register your living will or organ donation testament. Parents and guardians also have access to the records of children under 10 in My Kanta Pages. You log into My Kanta Pages at using online bank log-in IDs, a mobile certificate or a digital ID card.

There has been a substantial increase in the usage of My Kanta Pages. In 2017, the service was accessed more than 13 million times. My Kanta Pages received 2.3 million requests for prescription renewals during the year. This accounts for 21% of all prescription renewal requests. My Kanta Pages has been accessed by 2.4 million people.

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