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Patient Data Repository stores and shares data

Notice - Citizens Written on 27.11.2017 All notices

The majority of patients already have data accumulated in the Patient Data Repository of the Kanta services since 2012. So far, over 2.2 million citizens have viewed their own data in the service.

The Patient Data Repository is an actively used healthcare data system for gathering healthcare data. The Patient Data Repository is used with various interfaces. Healthcare services use the Patient Data Repository with a patient data system, of which there are several in Finland. Citizens can view data in the Patient Data Repository through My Kanta Pages. 

The Patient Data Repository plays a key role in sharing data between healthcare service providers. Previously, the problem in terms of its use was that there has not been enough data recorded over a sufficiently long period. However, we are now in a situation where a lot of material has been accumulated in the Patient Data Repository: the healthcare data of the majority of patients has been saved in the service since 2012.

The healthcare systems have also developed. Data is recorded in the Patient Data Repository in a technically consistent format, which enables sharing of data between systems and improves the availability of data in various healthcare units.

The Patient Data Repository enables passing of patient data seamlessly from the doctor to patients and to other doctors. This is possible when the doctors record the data in the patient data system, from where it is transferred into the Patient Data Repository. From the Patient Data Repository, the data is forwarded to My Kanta Pages where everyone can read their personal healthcare data. Citizens can also submit a living will or an organ donation testament in My Kanta Pages.

My Kanta Pages enable better accessibility by patients to their own medical care data, which has been warmly welcomed. Over 2.2 million citizens have already viewed their own data in My Kanta Pages. Doctors, on the other hand, can utilise the Patient Data Repository by browsing the patient's previous medical care data with the patient data system, which enables smoother patient encounters. Citizens are partly already expecting that the professionals will be able to see their previous medical information from the patient data system.

Other development areas in the Patient Data Repository are, e.g. more active utilisation of the Patient Data Repository by healthcare service providers and raising citizens’ awareness of the Kanta services. The rest of the private healthcare organisations should also join the Kanta services so that the data can be shared between various healthcare units. Patients can contribute to the smooth functioning of the service by accepting the sharing of their patient data. This can be done on My Kanta Pages or in writing in the healthcare services.

The Patient Data Repository enables flow of information between doctors and patients and fast and easy sharing of data between various healthcare providers. The data is stored and shared in digital systems.

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