The Archive of Imaging Data

The Archive of Imaging Data

The Archive of Imaging Data service is part of the Kanta Services. The imaging studies created in connection with patient care are archived in the service.

The service can be used for searching imaging studies saved in the Archive of Imaging Data and the patient care documents in imaging saved in the Patient Data Repository.

The service is used by healthcare organisations that perform imaging studies and by organisations that issue reports on and utilise the studies. They must have access to the Patient Data Repository service and use a system that is compatible with the Archive of Imaging Data service for the archiving and retrieval of documents.

The organisations deploying the service and the system suppliers must take into account that the certification process of the systems must be started at a sufficiently early stage. Further information about the certification process is available here.

Systems that are technically joining the Archive of Imaging Data must pass Kela’s joint testing as part of the certification. Further information about registering for joint testing is available here.

The Archive of Imaging Data has thus far been adopted for production use by the Joint Municipal Authority for North Karelia Social and Health Services (Siun sote) and Länsi-Pohja healthcare district.

Further information about the service and its deployment is available from THL: or the client support of the Kanta Services:

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Last updated 23.05.2019