Archiving of old patient data

Archiving of old patient data

Old data refers to patient data that has been recorded in healthcare data systems before the introduction of the Patient Data Repository service. Old documents also include patient data that has been recorded in healthcare data systems after the introduction, but whose transfer to the Patient Data Repository service will be launched at a later date in accordance with the stagewise decree by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (1257/2015).

The Patient Data Repository has a permit for electronic retention of records issued by the National Archives Service of Finland, and the permit also applies to the archiving of old data. After successful recording, old data may be removed from the source system and stored only in electronic format in the Patient Data Repository.

Old patient data may be retrieved for personal use, in which case old data related to patient care is easily accessible in a treatment situation. Archived data can also be viewed in the Archivist’s interface. Old patient data cannot be shared from the Patient Data Repository and the data is not shown on My Kanta Pages. However, it must be possible to provide the patient with the data on the patient’s request.

Launch the project by contacting with regard to the archiving need and agree on the implementation and tasks of the archiving project with the system suppliers

Documents required in deployment (Forthcoming)

  • Application and undertaking
  • Service description of the ‘archiving of old data’ service
    • Appendix: Sharing of classified data material between Kela and its stakeholders (in Kanta Extranet)

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Last updated 26.09.2018