Patient Data Repository

Patient Data Repository

The Patient Data Repository is a national information system service for archiving electronic patient data produced in the healthcare service. In the archive, the data is stored safely and it is easy to access by healthcare professionals.

The Patient Data Repository of the Kanta Services gathers in one place all data produced in the client’s care. The patient data entered in the archive  

  • is stored securely
  • is accessible by healthcare professionals in support of patient care in an easy and up-to-date way
  • can also be shared with other healthcare service providers when the client has given consent to it
  • is in a technically compatible format, which enables viewing of data in different systems
  • can be viewed by the client in MyKanta, which makes it easier for them to participate in their own care.

The Client Data Act obliges public and private healthcare providers to join as a user of the Patient Data Repository if they are using an electronic patient data system.

Functionality of the Patient Data Repository

When the service provider has deployed the Patient Data Repository, they can expand its use to various functionalities and additional services.

Data security and sharing of data

The data entered in the Patient Data Repository is stored securely for the period prescribed by law. All sharing of data between the healthcare service and the Patient Data Repository is encrypted.

Log data enables monitoring

Healthcare professionals can view and use patient data only when the data is needed in the care of the client. The healthcare service determines who has the right to process patient data in the information systems. Professionals processing the data must identify themselves with ID cards for healthcare professionals.

When data is viewed in the Patient Data Repository, it will always leave a trace. The log data shows who has processed the data. This helps to monitor that the data is used lawfully.

Controller is responsible for the accuracy of data

The controller of patient data is the healthcare service provider that has produced and entered the data in the Patient Data Repository. The controller is responsible for the accuracy of patient data it has produced and for rectifying incorrect data.

In changes in organisations, the controller must ensure that the controller details for archived data are amended to correspond with the new situation.

In some cases, both the healthcare service provider and Kela act as controller. Keeping a common register applies to sharing logs produced in the healthcare service, as well as the Patient Data Management Service and the system for issuing declarations of intent.

Sharing of data

Patient data entered in the Patient Data Repository is always available to the controller that entered the data. If patient data is retrieved from the register of another healthcare controller, it constitutes data sharing, which requires the client’s consent to data sharing.

Consent to data sharing and denials of consent to data sharing are saved in the System for issuing declarations of intent, which will automatically be deployed along with the Patient Data Repository.

Information management system

The nationwide information management system is maintained as part of the archiving service. The information management system gathers together from patient records key patient data in terms of the implementation of the healthcare service and produces summaries of them to the service provider for the implementation of care.

In addition, the documents to be maintained, such as health and care plans, are managed in the patient data management service.

Operating models and recording practises

The healthcare and social welfare service providers using the Kanta Services comply with harmonised national operating models. These include, e.g. harmonised recording practices, procedures in accordance with the self-monitoring plan in everyday tasks, principles of using and sharing data, and ensuring the functioning of Kanta Services in change situations.

Harmonised procedures and technically uniform recording of data in the Patient Data Repository enable utilisation of data in the client’s care chain across different operating units.

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Last updated 20.4.2023