Kanta Services form a unique service entity based on legislation.

Act on Electronic Prescriptions

The Act on Electronic Prescriptions provides that introduction of electronic prescriptions is mandatory for pharmacies, healthcare units, and self-employed persons with practices in healthcare units' premises.

All prescriptions must be issued electronically. Telephone or paper prescriptions may be issued only in exceptional cases. The pharmacy will also convert these prescriptions into electronic form and record them in the Prescription Centre.

The aims of the Act on Electronic Prescriptions are to improve patient and drug safety and to make prescribing and dispensing of medicines easier and more efficient.

Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Social and Health Care Services

Under the Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Social and Health Care Services, public healthcare organisations are obliged to enter patient records in a nationally centralised archive. Deployment of the centralised archive is mandatory for private healthcare organisations, if they have an electronic system for long-term storage of patient records. The deployment is optional for healthcare units in Åland.

The aim of the Act is to further the data security of patient information processing, patients' access to information, and provision of healthcare services with better patient safety and efficiency.

The acts and decrees are available in Finnish and in Swedish only.

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Last updated 27.01.2021