Archivist’s User Interface

Archivist’s User Interface

The Archivist’s User Interface is a web user interface, providing a view to the controller's data in the Patient Data Repository and the Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services.

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In the Archivist’s User Interface, the organisation can process the data it has stored in the Patient Data Repository or in the Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services.

The user interface can be used by persons who have been appointed as archivists in the organisation. As a rule, archivists have the right to process only data in the registers of their own organisation.

The main purpose of the Archivist’s User Interface is to help in the clarification of errors. In the user interface, it is possible to search, view and compare documents and their metadata. Furthermore, it is possible to invalidate all document types that can be viewed in the Archivist’s User Interface when there are no other means to rectify incorrect data.

The Archivists’ User Interface is available in Finnish and Swedish

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Last updated 30.5.2024