Client’s technical data

Client’s technical data

The client’s technical data refers to the system and access point through which the service enabler uses the Kanta Services.

In connection with deploying the Kanta Services, the service enabler notifies,

  • the technical access point or points they are using for accessing the service
  • the system or systems they are using the service with.

Change in the information system or the access point offered by the Kanta provider

Changes that have taken place after the deployment phase are notified with the change notification of the client’s technical data (pdf, in Finnish and Swedish only). The change may concern a change of the information system and/or access point used by the service enabler The form is to be returned as an email attachment to at the latest three weeks before the new information enters into force.

Change in the access point managed by the service enabler

The change is notified with the form Notification of change of access point (pdf, in Finnish and Swedish only) if the change concerns one of the following functions managed by the service enabler itself: 

  • deployment of a new technical access point
  • withdrawal of an access point from production use
  • change in the data communication link of an access point.
Last updated 15.9.2023