Deployment of acting on behalf of a minor

Deployment of acting on behalf of a minor

Acting on behalf of a minor is a new functionality for information systems that have already previously joined the Kanta Services. The functionality expands the data contents to be archived.

After the needed technical changes has been implemented and the functionality has been deployed in healthcare services 

  • the rule of acting only on behalf of a child under 10 years in My Kanta Pages will be no longer be applied
  • the parents or guardians will have more extensive options of acting on behalf of their child in My Kanta Pages.

Every data system joining the Kanta Services and Kanta intermediary services needs to be certified. Before deployment, the client organization has to take account of possible changes on the client information.

The Kanta Services will arrange a training webinar on September 2020 concerning

  • the changes involved in the principles and operating models related to acting on behalf of a minor
  • how these changes will impact the work of healthcare professionals.

As from the beginning of 2021, deployment will be implemented in stages, with three stages per year.

No deployment test is required for the deployment of the functionality of acting on behalf of a minor. Further information on the functionality is provided on the Finnish- and Swedish-language version of this page.

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Last updated 14.10.2020