Deployment of acting on behalf of a minor

Deployment of acting on behalf of a minor

Acting on behalf of a minor is a new functionality for information systems that have already previously joined the Kanta Services. The functionality expands the data contents to be archived.

Once the functionality of acting on behalf of a minor has been introduced, healthcare service providers will be able to enter the following into the system

  • the decision-making capacity of the minor 
  • the will of a minor who is mature enough to make decisions concerning the disclosure of information to their guardians.

Based on this information, My Kanta pages determines whether it has permission to display information to the minor's guardians. With the new functionality, acting on behalf of a minor in My Kanta pages will no longer be limited to guardians of children under the age of 10 and guardians will be able to use My Kanta pages to act on behalf of minors of any age.

Guardians will be able to view all information concerning their children, unless they have been specifically prohibited from doing so. Read more about the impact of the transition period on how information will be displayed on the page for acting on behalf of someone else.

For more information on how to prepare for the extension of use, please see the Instructions for extension of use.

Introducing the functionality for acting on behalf of a minor does not require a deployment test.


The production use of acting on behalf of a minor has started in the Kanta Services. The healthcare services must have at least a forward-compatible version of prescription in use. 

Deployment can also be started in healthcare services with the functionality of acting on behalf of a minor.

Registration and training 

Registration for deployment can be done at any time.

Our other training events are presented on the Training in Healthcare page.

Registration is always open, and therefore the service provider or hospital pharmacy can register for deployment at the most convenient time for them. Deployment must be started within one year of registering. Kela provides centralised guidance and support for those who have registered for deployment.

Last updated 25.01.2022