Imaging Data Repository

Imaging Data Repository

The Imaging Data Repository is a service where imaging material generated in connection with a patient’s care is archived. The Repository is part of the Kanta Services.

Changes to names in the Kanta Services

The names of the following Kanta Services have been changed in May 2024:

  • Patient Data Repository -> Patient Data Repository (no change in English)
  • Client Data Archive for Social Welfare Services -> Client Data Repository for Social Welfare Services
  • The Archive of Imaging Data -> Imaging Data Repository

These changes will be updated to in stages.

When imaging data is recorded in Kanta

  • the comparison images are available between both private and public healthcare organisations, which makes the professionals work easier
  • the patient will be able to view imaging notes and other imaging-related documents, such as the referral and the report, in MyKanta.
  • the obligation to archive imaging materials has been transferred to Kela, which means that regional and local archives can be discontinued.

Healthcare professionals can use the service for retrieving imaging material archived in the Imaging Data Repository and imaging documents entered in the Patient Data Repository.

The service’s deployment process progresses in phases. Learn more about the deployment of the Imaging Data Repository.

Imaging studies that are stored in the Imaging Data Repository

Currently, it is possible to archive

  • radiology imaging materials
  • ECG tests 
  • oral health care images
  • optometry images.

All of the archived imaging material must be in DICOM format. Studies archived in the Imaging Data Repository are linked to the imaging documents entered in the Patient Data Repository.

Further information about data contents entered in the Imaging Data Repository are available in Finnish and Swedish.

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Last updated 11.7.2024

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