User fees

User fees

Service providers and pharmacies that have joined the Kanta Services are charged user fees for the national information system services.

The fees cover the operating costs of producing Kela’s Kanta Services as well as the certification services provided by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The costs are assessed in advance, and the fees are determined according to an annual estimate. The amount of the user fee is prescribed in the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on the user fees for nationwide data system services in healthcare.

Fees are used for maintaining the services 

The user fees are used for meeting the costs of services in production, the costs of expert services and human resources, as well as general administrative costs. The Kanta Services in production include, e.g. the Prescription, the Pharmaceutical Database, Kelain, the Patient Data Repository and My Kanta Pages, as well as the related client and support services.

The funding of new services coming into production will also be taken into account in the preparation for the decree on fees. 

The user fee includes the Prescription service and the services of the Patient Data Repository. The user fee charged to pharmacies includes only the Prescription service.

User fees for Kanta Services in 2021

  • The user fee charged to pharmacies is €0.053 per dispensed prescription. The user fee does not include invalidated medicine dispensing events.
  • The user fee charged to public health care services is €2.432 per each resident of the municipality.
  • The fee charged to private healthcare providers is €0.431 per issued prescription. An issued prescription refers to one prescribed medicine.

Fee for Kelain

When a doctor issues a prescription on the basis of their professional practice rights without the purpose of profit, there is no charge for using the Kelain service. The Kelain service can be used only for occasional issuing of electronic prescriptions without the purpose of profit.

Claim for rectification

If a pharmacy, a private healthcare service provider, a hospital district, or its member municipality considers that an error has occurred in the determination of the fee, the recipient of the invoice can make a claim for rectification of the fee. The competent authority for claims for rectification is Kela.

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Last updated 13.10.2021