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We have updated the instructions for managing affairs to provide clearer guidance on using MyKanta

Article Written on 24.4.2024 All articles

Various instructions and pages related to managing affairs in MyKanta are the most read content on the site. They have now undergone a transformation. Our customers’ views played a key role in shaping the end result.

We have gathered a lot of information about our customers’ wishes and needs for the update through various surveys, interviews, and workshops. The extensive background work and mapping of customer insights was done for good reason. Our customers search for information and instructions on how to manage their affairs in MyKanta at approximately 45,000 times a day. In 2023, there were around 15 million visits to our most popular instruction page, which explains how to use MyKanta.  

– The instructions must be clear, structured and easy to browse quickly, as many people use them when they are managing their affairs in MyKanta. In updating the instructions, we listened to our customers’ invaluable views with a keen ear, says Pilvi Aalto, Senior Communications Specialist at Kanta.

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The content is easy to browse and quickly directs the customer to the correct information

The goal of the update is for the customer to easily find the information and instructions they need on The content has been structured into more compact entities. A variety of visual content elements, such as a revised numerical list, make it easier to view and navigate the content. 

In addition to the clearer structure and the visual layout making it easier to browse the content, we have also put a lot of effort into the clarity and correctness of the language.

It is now possible to log in to MyKanta directly from the instruction pages in a practical way.

–  Most of our customers use MyKanta on a mobile device. The instructions now include a ‘Log in to MyKanta’ button in the text so that you do not need to scroll back and forth to log in to MyKanta, explains Mari Holmroos, Business Specialist at Kanta.

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