Client account

Client account

The clients of joint testing are the suppliers of information system and wellbeing applications. SOTE organisations and pharmacies take part in joint testing mainly as client testers of information system suppliers. Joining the client test service takes place by sending the application form to Kela.

Client account in joint testing

A client account in joint testing is deemed to have been opened when the application for joining the Kanta client test service is delivered to Kela. The client test service includes the test environments and the support services during the client’s independent testing. An organisation joining the service is granted access to the test environment and given test IDs for use in the environment. It is possible to use the client test service before the certification of the information system and also at the later product development stage. Joint testing of the systems also takes place in the client test service. Kela provides the test cases used in joint testing and coordinates the progress of joint testing. 

Becoming a client

In order to become a client, the suppliers of the information system or wellbeing application need to implement the information system to be linked to Kanta and to join the client test service. The following questions are asked on the application to join the client test service: 

  • details of the joining organisation
  • for communication, both the technical and the administrative contact person
  • technical data required for opening communication links.

The client test organisations of information system suppliers (social welfare and healthcare organisations and pharmacies) have a limited possibility of joining the client test service. If the client organisation takes part in joint testing, it shall submit the joining application with respect to its own testing environment in the client test environment. However, if the client organisation wishes to carry out independent testing in the client test service, the application must be delivered to the production image environment. In addition, the client organisations are required to deliver the test plan to Kela. Kela will assess the client organisations’ criteria for joining on the basis of the delivered application and test plan. Further information about the test environments is available on the Test Environments page.

Information system suppliers shall register for joint testing on a separate form. The registration form includes general information and preliminary test cases, which must be reported in connection with registration. 

Joining the client test service

Joining the client test service takes place in the test environment. To join the client test service, the client needs to have at its disposal an information system that corresponds to the key cases and requirements of the service to be retrieved. The services include, e.g. the Prescription service, the Patient Data Repository and the Social services client records archive.

The test smart cards and service certificates (server and system signature certificates) needed for using the Kanta client test service are ordered from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency (

Only available in Finnish.

Client test environment in Kanta PHR

The client joins the client test environment in Kanta PHR at the same time as it registers for joint testing. Before that, the application developers carry out independent testing in sandbox environments. Further information about the sandbox environments.

Last updated 2.5.2022