Development of the national data content

Development of the national data content

Kanta PHR is a FHIR-standard based, national trusted data repository for citizen's own health and well-being data. The proposed changes to the data content are evaluated i.e. from the perspective of health and well-being, as well as the FHIR standard. In addition, possible changes to the platform and interoperability with other national data content will be assessed.

Due to the delay in the progress of the Client Data Act and the related financing decisions, the development of the data content of Kanta PHR has been temporarily suspended. The development will be continued as soon as it is possible.

Development of the data content in the future    

All interested parties are invited to develop the national data content for Kanta PHR. The data content is evaluated and developed in collaboration with the proposer of the data content, Kela, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the HL7 Finland Association and other parties involved in the development process.

The duration of the development process varies from case to case. If the proposal is relatively simple and does not require platform changes, the process can be completed relatively quickly within a few weeks or months. However, if the proposal is complicated or requires changes to the platform, the process may take several months. After the proposal has been processed and approved, the proposer of the data content fills out the approval criteria for wellness applications and can proceed to the testing phase. Production use begins after the process described above. 

The current FHIR STU3 data content of Kanta PHR is described on the website. Kanta PHR is moving to the FHIR R4 version. Therefore, production will no longer deploy new profiles of the FHIR STU3 version, and it is no longer recommended to join Kanta PHR with the STU3 version application. All new data contents entered must be in the FHIR R4 format and in accordance with the FHIR R4 profiles of Kanta PHR.

In Sandbox, you can start testing the platform R4 support with the FHIR R4 profiles published in Simplifier in the Finnish PHR R4 project. Their status shown in Simplifier is "Accepted". The number of tested profiles will grow as and when R4 support for them will be completed. We will notify separately when it will be possible to register for joint testing with FHIR R4 profiles. Preliminary versions of the R4 profiles of Kanta PHR are available in the Finnish PHR R4 project in the Simplifier service (

From the proposal to workshops and finally to approval

Data contents currently under development

Please note that the development of the data content of Kanta PHR is currently limited to self care data. Self care data here means data produced by the citizen of their own accord outside the social welfare and healthcare processes.

The development of data content does not currently apply to data produced by citizens in self management. Self management here means care that has been planned together with the social welfare and healthcare service, but is carried out by the patient him/herself.

The limitation is not final, and it can be reassessed once the enterprise architecture for online service, self care and self management and the role of Kanta PHR have been clarified in terms of data produced in self management.  Furthermore, the limitation does not mean that data entered in Kanta PHR could not be shared with social welfare and healthcare services for utilisation in the future.

If you are unsure whether the data content saved with your app is self management data or not, it is still worth submitting the data content proposal. Together we can consider how to best promote the data content proposal.

Proposing new data content

New data content or extensions to the existing data content are proposed with the form (also in Finnish and Swedish). Please fill out the form carefully as your data content proposal will be processed based on the information you have entered in the form. Once you have completed the form, send it to 

Your data content proposal will be processed on the basis of the form you submit. The processing takes place in workshops run by Kela and THL, which will be held every other week on Thursday. Prepare to present your data content proposal and a use case description and / or a demo of your application in the next workshop. If you have any doubts about the submission schedules and your participation in the first workshop, please submit the form anyway. We will be in contact with you and invite you to the workshop.

If your proposal includes a new profile, CodeSystem, ValueSet, Questionnaire etc. (or  a change to an existing one), in order to speed up the process, you should consider creating the FHIR profiles yourself and submit them to Kela together with the form. Profiles can be created, for example, with the official FHIR tool Forge, which requires a commercial license for use. More information about Forge and licenses can be found on the Simplifier website. If it is not possible for you to create a profile yourself, you can provide the information needed for profiling using the form and Kela will create the profile instead.

Processing data content proposals in workshops 

The data content proposal will be processed in the aforementioned development workshops. The workshops are divided into two categories: an opening workshop and development workshops.

Opening workshop

The purpose of the opening workshop is to get an overview of the proposed data content. In the opening workshop the data content proposal will be evaluated, particularly from the perspective of health and well-being. The proposal form will be reviewed in terms of its basic information. In addition, a use case description and / or a demo of the wellness application shall be presented.

Development workshops

In the workshops, the data content proposal is addressed from different perspectives. This phase can be divided into many different areas and can continue in many workshops. External experts may be involved in the workshops. The purpose of these workshops is to assist the proposer of the data content in developing the data content.

Ideas and help to developing the data content can also be found  in the FHIR chat in Zulip, which has both an international FHIR community and the FinnishPHR channel for Kanta PHR.

Approval of the proposal in the HL7 PH SIG group

The HL7 Finland Association supports the development of the national Kanta PHR data content by organising  monthly PH Sig Group meetings. The data content proposals will be accepted in these meetings. Advice and guidance on the use of FHIR standard and  the national data content of Kanta PHR will also be provided in these meetings. When the development of the proposal has been submitted for approval, it shall be presented at the meeting  by the proposer. 

Proposals still under development are also presented in the PH Sig meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to  seek comments and synergies from other developers working within the same topic. The Kanta PHR data content is developed through multidisciplinary cooperation.

Once the  proposal has been approved, the next step is to integrate the well-being application with Kanta PHR.

Please propose only health and well-being related data to Kanta PHR.  Useful sites to explore include:

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Last updated 15.02.2021