Kanta PHR

Kanta PHR

Kanta PHR is a national data repository in which citizens can enter their wellbeing data.

Citizens enter their wellbeing data in Kanta PHR using wellbeing applications and measuring devices developed for such purpose. Further information about the service is available on the kanta.fi website:

A summary of the latest updates of the specifications is available on its own page:

Development of a wellbeing application

Anyone can develop a new wellbeing application that utilises Kanta PHR. The applications can be server-based or mobile applications. Their users may consist of citizens, professionals or both.

For wellbeing application suppliers, Kanta PHR offers the interfaces and the open national accepted data content based on the HL7 FHIR standard. The FHIR Rest API interfaces are specified in the Capability Statement description. The data content is developed in cooperation with various actors.

Integration of the wellbeing application in Kanta PHR

Application developers can already now integrate their own application in the sandbox environments of Kanta PHR for independent testing. Before integrating an application in the production environment of Kanta PHR, the application must meet the national acceptance criteria for wellbeing applications and pass the joint testing process. Further information:

The integration of wellbeing application in Kanta PHR gives greater visibility for the service via the Kanta Services. The data in Kanta PHR is available to the applications, and it can be used as a basis for the development of the service provider’s own service.

The wellbeing applications to be linked to Kanta PHR must comply with the effective laws, decrees and regulations.

The wellbeing application supplier must accept the terms of supply and the service description of Kanta PHR before connecting the wellbeing application to Kanta PHR.

Use of Kanta PHR

In future, citizens can give their consent to sharing their measurement, lifestyle and fitness data in Kanta PHR with healthcare and social welfare professionals if they so wish.

The completion of the requirements for professional use and professional applications is progressing as a result of the new Client Data Act. The Client Data Act sets the transition period until 1 January 2024, by which date the Kanta Services must be ready to share wellbeing data from Kanta PHR with healthcare and social welfare service providers.

Glossary of Kanta PHR

The glossary of Kanta PHR provides a brief description of the terms and concepts related to the subject. The descriptions comply especially with the context of Kanta PHR and wellbeing applications. The concepts are also defined in the Kanta glossary published by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.

Latest updates on Kanta PHR

  • The Client Data Act governing the Kanta PHR entered into force on 1 November 2021. have been updated in accordance with the new Client Data Act. According to the Client Data Act, wellbeing applications connecting to Kanta PHR must be certified. Processes related to class A certification are ongoing and the guidance is being updated.
  • Read instructions for using simultaneous STU3 and R4 endpoints Finnish PHR support for STU3 & R4 (pdf).
  • Kanta PHR is moving to the FHIR R4 version. Therefore, production will no longer deploy new profiles of the FHIR STU3 version, and it is no longer recommended to join Kanta PHR with the STU3 version application. All new data contents entered must be in the FHIR R4 format and in accordance with the FHIR R4 profiles of Kanta PHR. In Sandbox, you can start testing the platform R4 support with the FHIR R4 profiles published in Simplifier in the Finnish PHR R4 project. Their status shown in Simplifier is "Accepted". We will notify separately when it will be possible to register for joint testing with FHIR R4 profiles. FHIR R4 joint testing can be carried out in connection with class A certification.

Further information

Last updated 22.4.2022