Joining the Kanta client test service

Joining the Kanta client test service

In order to join the Kanta client test service, the client must have the Patient Records Repository or pharmacy system at their disposal to implement the key use cases in electronic prescriptions or patient information. The system supplier must test the functionality determined by the use cases in their own tests before the system is connected to the Kanta client test service.

The client test service is joined from the test environment. If you have any queries on joining the client test service, please contact

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The test smart cards and service certificates (server and system signature certificates) needed for using the Kanta client test service are ordered from the Population Register Centre.

Identification data permitted in test environments

Only 900-series personal identity codes issued by Kela, i.e. personal identity codes in the format 010181-900C, for example, can be used for testing purposes in the Kanta services test environment. The 900-series personal identity codes are meant for test use, and they meet the requirements for the format of the personal identity code, but are not official personal identity codes. It is strictly forbidden to use other than the 900-series personal identity codes in the Kanta services test environment.

The 900-series personal identity codes issued by Kela must also be used when the personal identity code data has to be entered in other fields in addition to the patient’s personal identity code. These include, e.g. the personal identity code of another person in a separate document and the personal identity code of the parent of a minor.   

You can request 900-series test personal identity codes by sending an email to

When system suppliers and their client organisations join the Kanta test environment, Kela will provide them with a limited number of test personal identity codes. Separate test personal identity codes are provided for joint testing and for independent testing, and the codes must not be cross-used. A test personal identity code meant for independent testing may be used for testing various Kanta services and the same code may be used for performing multiple test cases. A test personal identity code provided for joint testing must only be used to perform the requested test cases.

In addition to the personal identity code, the use of any identification data that is connected to an actual person is forbidden in the Kanta services test environments. This kind of data includes, e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Therefore, do not use the names, addresses or other actual identification data of real people for testing purposes.

Testing of imaging data

When testing the national archive of imaging data, it must be ensured that the imaging data recorded during testing is fully anonymised. Anonymisation means that the imaging data must not include real personal identification data at any level: not in the metadata (manifest) of imaging studies, in the separate layer in the imaging data, or in the pixel data.

Test healthcare professional cards are used in the test environments

Only test healthcare professional cards, to which a 900-series test personal identity code has been connected in the Valvira register for test purposes, must be used in the test environments. Real healthcare professional cards must not be used in Kela’s test environments.

The system supplier must ensure for its own part that its client organisations are aware of and comply with the testing procedures for the Kanta services in test environments maintained by the Kanta services.

Last updated 24.04.2019