Asset Publisher is still Finland’s third most highly valued online brand

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According to a study on online brands conducted by Taloustutkimus, is still Finland’s third most highly valued online brand. increased its valuation index, bypassing even Google. The user satisfaction index also grew compared with last year. was selected again as Finland’s third most highly valued online brand among 150 best-known online brands. The image of is really strong in relation to the number of users, as the number of people regarding it to have a positive image is almost as high as the number of users. However, there is still room for improvement in the recognition of the service.

The three most highly valued brands are Yle Areena (1), the Finnish Meteorological Institute (2) and (3). is valued higher than Google

The general valuation index of the online service grew by three points to 55 from last year. This is an excellent result. In the group of public online services, the result is second best, preceded only by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. This means that Finnish people appreciate more than Google. The comments of all respondents are taken into account in the valuation index. This is calculated by deducting the share of negative scores from positive ones, and neutral scores are not taken into account. 

The user satisfaction index also grew among the users of the service. Last year it was 62 and this year 64. In the comparison of public online services, the ranking of is third when measured with this index. It is preceded by HelMet (the city libraries of Espoo, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Vantaa) in top position and the Finnish Meteorological Institute in second place. 

Recommendation index is outstanding

The net recommendation index of has remained at the same figure, 42, as last year. The average score in the net recommendation index of the public service group is 10. A score of over 40 is regarded as excellent.

The contents and usability of the website are developed constantly. The service currently focuses on accessibility, and a visitor survey will be carried out at the end of the year. 

TOP 10 brands

  1. Yle Areena
  2. Finnish Meteorological Institute
  4. Google
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Yle
  7. Yle Elävä arkisto
  8. HelMet
  9. Duodecim terveyskirjasto

How the study was conducted

The survey investigated the recognition, valuation and willingness to recommend online brands among Finnish internet users. In its first stage, the respondents were asked to mention Finnish and international online brands they know. The online brands were specified to the respondents as services operating on the internet. In the second stage, the respondents were shown a list of 150 best known brands, from which they were asked to select the brands they are using and to give them a score. In the third stage, the users were asked to tell how likely it is that they would recommend the online brand in question.