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Notice Written on 18.12.2017 All notices

The level of patient care in both the dentist’s chair and in other healthcare sectors will improve when oral healthcare providers join the Kanta system.

Currently, the number of private oral healthcare providers who have joined Kanta is smaller than that of medical centres and hospitals offering basic healthcare services, but the situation is improving rapidly.

“I’m sure that by the end of the year several new providers will have joined Kanta,” estimates dentist Timo Mynttinen of Tiimihammaslääkärit Oy. Part of the chain of dental practices, Kouvolan Hammastiimi, the dental clinic was the first oral healthcare provider to join the Patient Data Repository of Kanta services in May 2017.

According to Mynttinen, the level of oral healthcare will improve to a significant degree when oral healthcare professionals join Kanta.

A key improvement is the fact that oral healthcare will be connected more closely to other medical care in terms of patient data. That way, oral healthcare providers who have joined Kanta will also be able to more easily utilise the data gathered by other care providers. Similarly, the oral healthcare data will also benefit other healthcare sectors.

“Sometimes it happens that a patient does not remember all of their care history or matters related to their health. There have been cases where Kanta has helped us to retrieve specific information about the patient’s state of health.”

Another important benefit is the rapid access to data when a patient is admitted for emergency care.

“In these situations, the patient data retrieved is of valuable help. Patient safety and also patient friendliness will increase.”

The third benefit is smoother dental care outside the patient’s own region.

“Until now, it has been necessary to order patient data in paper format for treatment taking place outside the patient's home town. Now the data is obtained immediately as long as the patient has given their consent to sharing electronic data.”

“The team dental clinics have actively informed customers about the importance of electronic patient data while requesting patient consents in order to record patient data in electronic format in Kanta.”

My Kanta Pages will show personal dental appointments as and when the oral healthcare provider has joined the Patient Data Repository of Kanta services.