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null Kela takes over Kanta Services deployment support and client guidance

Kela takes over Kanta Services deployment support and client guidance

Notice Written on 31.10.2019 All notices

Kela's functions from the start of 2020

The coordination of customer service and communications will be transferred to Kela. This means that in future, Kela will also take care of the requirements of social and healthcare service clients. The National Institute for Health and Welfare of Finland (THL) channels will be gradually phased out.

From the start of the year, Kela will be in charge of client and interest group cooperation. In practice, the coordination, support and guidance of service deployments will move to Kela, and all customer contacts will be directed there.

Kela will also assume responsibility for the management, coordination and reporting of development projects. Consequently, from January, Kela will report on the development of Kanta Services and their progress to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) Unit for Digitalisation and Information Management.

Responsibility for information system service design and implementation will also pass to Kela. Kela has previously been responsible for the technical production and development of information system services. Its responsibility is now extended.

Next phases of changeover

Further information will be provided before the end of the year on the next phases of the changeover and arrangements regarding support and guidance. STM, Kela and THL are jointly preparing for the changeover. The operating model will be further developed also during next year.

THL and Kela are doing their utmost to ensure that the changes will have no adverse effects on the operation of social and health service providers, Kanta Services developers, users and other partners, on deployments, or the national progress of information management.  

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