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null Kanta Services at SuomiAreena in Pori on 15–19 July

Kanta Services at SuomiAreena in Pori on 15–19 July

Notice Written on 11.07.2019 All notices

SuomiAreena will once again be hosting public debates about topical issues and Finnish society in a summery setting. The theme of this year’s event is expertise and innovations in the future.

The Kanta Services will be promoting especially My Kanta Pages and Prescription services at Kansalaistori in SuomiAreena. 

In My Kanta Pages citizens can see, for example, their own health data, prescriptions and information about their dependents under 10 years of age. In My Kanta Pages, you can also request to renew your prescriptions or record your own wellbeing data with the aid of wellbeing apps. Visitors to SuomiAreena have the opportunity to learn how to use My Kanta Pages and talk to an expert of Kanta Services.

Information about the possibilities of European e-prescriptions for travellers will also be discussed at the Kansalaistori tent. It has been possible to use a Finnish e-prescription for obtaining medicines abroad since January 2019. The first countries to join the service are Estonia and Croatia.

The Kanta Services are present at Kansalaistori together with Kela and the Contact Point for Cross-Border Health Care. See you at tent No. 34!

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