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Usability of My Kanta Pages improved

Notice Written on 29.08.2019 All notices

Several usability improvements have been made in My Kanta Pages on 29 August. Parents are invited to give a consent to access the medical records under the child's records, and users can now see additional information on eye and vision care in their Medical Records section.

A consent is a child's benefit

Following recent updates, the guardian will find an invitation to confirm information and give a consent under the child's records. Parents and guardians have been able to access My Kanta Pages on behalf of their child aged under 10 since the autumn of 2016. The functions available in the service to the parent of guardian include renewing prescriptions, confirming information on Kanta Services, and giving a consent on the services.

It is recommended that a consent to access the medical records is given to all parties involved in the child's treatment. Giving the consent benefits both the child and the health service, as it facilitates and speeds up the child's treatment between different service providers.

Several user interface improvements

The My Kanta Pages user interface has also been updated. The user will now see additional information connected with eye and vision care in their Medical Records section linked to their visit, e.g. explanations for abbreviations and terms.

In My Kanta Pages, it is possible to leave your phone number when renewing a prescription, if you want a text message notification when it is renewed. After today's update, the user interface allows entry of longer phone numbers in the field.

In addition to the above, the My Kanta Pages user interface has several smaller improvements in performance, accessibility and usability – for example, certificates and reports will now be shown in a single column.

The Kanta services are continuously improved on the basis of feedback received both from citizens and professionals. We welcome all feedback on My Kanta Pages and the Kanta Services, and your requests are noted wherever possible.

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