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Terhikki number more widely used in authentication of professionals in Kanta Services

Notice - Professionals Written on 03.12.2019 All notices

Up to now, social welfare and healthcare professionals have been identified in Kanta Services by the user's personal ID. Now the Terhikki number may be used in some cases. 

Previously, the personal ID has been required in the Kanta Services document description data. The Terhikki number has only been acceptable when the professional has not been in possession of a Finnish personal ID. This requirement has now been relaxed.

The Terhikki number can be used instead of the personal ID, if the organisation generally avoids entering professionals' personal IDs into the system. Terhikki is the Health Service register of professionals.

The specifications of document description data already take account of the option of using the Terhikki number. The healthcare unit can decide with the system supplier which individualisation method to use. 
The Kanta specifications also recommend using professional titles, although this is not mandatory. 

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