Test material

Test material

The Kanta Services may provide a reasonable amount of test material to an organisation carrying out testing in the client test service. This page deals with the test material provided by the Kanta Services and how to order it.

Test IDs

The Kanta Services issues test IDs used in the client test service. It is possible to issue different kinds of test IDs. Test patients of different ages (adults and minors) and genders can be requested from the Kanta Services according to need. Furthermore, it is possible to create family relationships and realistic names viewed in MyKanta for the test patients.

When testing Kela’s certificates and statements and their transmission, a test ID generated for this purpose must be requested. The testing of certificate transmission will only be successful with test IDs generated separately for this function.

Test IDs issued for independent testing may be cross-used for testing different Kanta Services, i.e. you can use the same test ID for testing, e.g. Prescription and the client data repository for social welfare services. However, test IDs issued for joint testing may only be used for carrying out test cases in joint testing.

Test IDs may be requested from yhteistestaus@kanta.fi. Please also provide any specific wishes with respect to the test ID.

Instructions for generating a temporary identifier can be found on the page Test etiquette.

Test prescriptions of the Prescription service

If necessary, the Kanta Services can provide a reasonable amount of test material with the information systems of the test laboratory on request.

Further information about test prescriptions is available at yhteistestaus@kanta.fi.

Imaging test material for the suppliers of PACS systems

In order for the system suppliers of PAC systems to be able to carry out independent testing of the Imaging Data Repository and to promote their product development, the Kanta Services supports the information systems in imaging by producing material for the purpose of independent testing of the Imaging Data Repository. Imaging care documents must be produced in a structured format. There are three structured notes for imaging:

  • the request
  • examinations (includes the Study Instance UID), and
  • the statement.

The Kanta Services will create an examination in the Patient Data Repository in accordance with the 2016 definitions for the imaging information system supplier on request.
It is not possible to verify the integrity of data with the test material provided by the Kanta Services as the objective is to enable independent interface testing without the client organisation. The material provided cannot be used in the joint testing of the PACS system or in the reporting of joint testing preparedness. There are separate instructions for preparing for joint testing.

Terms of delivering imaging test material

  • A test patient is created for every supplier in the system
    • 1 encounter document is created for each supplier
    • The validity of the encounter document is one year.
  • 10 patient care documents in imaging are created per each supplier
    • The patient care document in imaging includes only the examination
    • The examination is issued according to the 2016 definitions at all times
    • The same study code created by the Kanta Services is always used for the patient care document (the supplier may use their preferred study code, and therefore the data may not necessarily be consistent).
  • The controller of the documents is Kela’s test controller.
  • The Kanta Services creates the Study Instance UID for the patient care documents, identifying the study that is used for imaging studies. It is compulsory to use this Study Instance UID. Alternatively, the supplier can tell the Kanta Services the Study Instance UID it wishes to be used in the material.
  • The supplier must be able to carry out system testing independently; the service does not include supplier-specific support.

Further information about test material for imaging can be requested from kanta@kanta.fi.

Last updated 5.6.2024