Customer feedback form

Customer feedback form

Private persons can send feedback or ask questions about the Kanta Services on this form. If your query concerns the health data in My Kanta Pages or other treatment-related matters, please contact the healthcare unit where you were treated.

Messages sent on the form are processed by the customer service of Kanta Services. The messages will not be forwarded to the healthcare services and the customer service does not deal with matters related to your personal care. For data security reasons, please do not include any personal information (e.g. your personal identity code or health-related data) on the form.

Please see the section on Frequently Asked Questions before sending your query. The section provides a quick answer to many different issues.

The name and address information submitted on the feedback form is used for responding to the client’s questions or feedback. The information is not used for any other purpose. The records are stored for 6 years. The storage of data is based on the verification of fault investigation and the resulting changes, as well as on keeping a record of changes and disruptions, which is saved in Kela’s data management plan.

Accessibility feedback

If your query concerns the accessibility of, please read the online accessibility statement first and, if necessary, send accessibility feedback on the form available in the statement.

Feedback from social welfare and healthcare professionals and system developers

If social welfare and healthcare professionals or system developers wish to send feedback or ask questions about the Kanta Services, the contact details are found on the page Contact Details for Professionals.

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