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null Register for Kanta deployment phase for healthcare services by 31 August 2020

Register for Kanta deployment phase for healthcare services by 31 August 2020

Notice - Professionals Written on 23.07.2020 All notices

Registration by the healthcare services for the first deployment phase in 2021 is open until the end of August. It is recommended that organisations register for the deployments in order to ensure that Kela can provide the best possible support for them.

In future, the deployments of the Kanta Services will be implemented annually in three phases. The services or contents to be deployed are published for each of these phases. The preparation events and training on operating models and procedures are set out for the phases. The new model is taken into use in stages.

New deployments in the period 1/2021 are the Patient Data Repository, the Prescription service and oral healthcare (also data content extenders). During the phase, the extension of the use of Kanta Services includes acting on behalf of a minor, radiology data contents, summaries of key health data, archiving and sharing of medical certificates and reports, archiving of old data, and outsourcing authorisation.

Preparatory meeting in September

Production use for the first deployment phase in 2021 will be started in January‒April 2021. The preparatory meeting will be held on 9 September 2020 and the operating model training will take place during the autumn. The topics at the preparatory meeting include the deployment process, as well as matters to be attended to in advance, e.g. self-monitoring and certificates.

Some deployments continue as before

The deployment phase 1/2021 does not include all Kanta Services and functionalities. For the time being, these deployments can be continued as before and no registration is needed. Also, registration is not required if production use starts already during 2020. 

The operating model training events and the preparatory meeting held in the autumn are open, and all those interested in the topics are welcome to register for them. Social welfare deployments will proceed in accordance with the previously published schedule and individual registration procedures.

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