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Latest Kanta services have been certified

Notice Written on 10.01.2018 All notices

An accredited information security inspection body has certified the latest Kanta services, which are the client data archive for social welfare services and the My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record.

Certification ensures appropriate processing of client and patient data and the implementation of data protection and information security.

All Kanta services are Class A certified in accordance with the legal requirements. In addition to the Kanta services maintained by Kela, Class A includes information systems that are intended to be linked to the Kanta services either directly or via a technical transmission service. These systems are subject to an external audit.

Class B information systems do not require an external audit, but it is sufficient that the producer compiles a written report on them with regard to the implementation of key requirements. Class B information systems are used only locally or regionally.

The client data archive for social welfare services will open for pilot use in February 2018 and for others in September 2018. Personal Health Record in My Kanta Pages will be ready for pilot use in January 2018 and for other application suppliers on the basis of the pilot experiences in autumn 2018 at the latest.

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