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Integrating wellbeing applications with My Kanta Pages is tested in Terveyskylä – results are recorded in a service called My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record

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Would you like to save the data of devices that collect wellbeing data and share it with healthcare professionals of your choice? This will be possible in future thanks to the integration of My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR) and Omapolku in Terveyskylä. A pilot group has tested the new functionality with good results.

My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR) is a Kanta service for monitoring your own wellbeing, and it is currently in test use. You can record your own wellbeing data in Kanta PHR with various applications. The wellbeing application may be, for example, a mobile app in a smartphone, an online service used with an internet browser on a computer, or a measuring device such as a blood glucose or activity meter. In Kanta PHR, health and wellbeing data is stored in one place in an easy and safe way.

You can log in to My Kanta Pages, which is part of the Kanta services, with online bank IDs, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card. In the service you can, e.g. view your own prescription and health data, or issue a living will and organ donation testament. My Kanta Pages shows the treatment and examination data recorded in the patient system by a healthcare professional. Kanta PHR is still not available for all users as its use is being expanded in stages.

The Omapolku service in Terveyskylä is a secure service channel between healthcare clients and professionals. It is also possible to include self-care programmes and digital care pathways in Omapolku to supplement traditional medical care or to offer an alternative to it.

Test group sees the potential of the system as well as scope for further development

The Terveyskylä test group started the test use of the services in April 2018. The recording of wellbeing data generated by various activity meters in Kanta PHR with the Omapolku application is being tested in the pilot project. The recorded wellbeing data is also retrieved into the Omapolku application from Kanta PHR.

At first, the transfer of wellbeing data into Kanta PHR through the Terveyskylä Omapolku service channel is tested with a small group. The transferred data includes daily activity, number of steps, and weight.

  • “I think it's very useful that I have a safe and easy-to-use digital service channel for sharing the necessary measurement data from home monitoring devices with the professionals that are treating me. This kind of service enables sharing of data with the professionals regardless of where I live or the healthcare unit that provides the service. Currently, the data collected from various devices is dispersed in different clouds of various appliance manufacturers, but with this service I will be able to save all my important personal data safely in one place,” says one of the testers of the service.
  • “This is particularly useful when a person has an ongoing treatment period in the Omapolku digital care pathway. From there, it would be possible to obtain the personal monitoring data under one service,” says another member of the test group.
  • “The technical channel is now open, which is excellent. I’m eagerly awaiting further development, such as support in interpreting the measurement points. When I currently see the measurement results, I hope that in the future the measurement result will be connected to various changes in my health and that it could be used in support of the planning and assessment of treatment. A mood meter would be useful in addition to automatic collection of wellbeing data,” thought up one of the members of the pilot group.

In the future, sharing of information will be possible for social welfare and healthcare professionals with the user’s consent. It will no longer be necessary to bring paper copies of results with you when you have an appointment. Furthermore, the collected data will be saved in your own measurement history, which makes it easy to monitor it yourself too.

App developers may integrate their wellbeing applications to Kanta PHR

The Kanta PHR is part of the Kanta service entity that offers national services to citizens, social welfare and healthcare professionals and pharmacies. Kela is implementing the platform for Kanta PHR, and it also maintains and develops it.

App developers may integrate their own wellbeing applications to Kanta PHR. The applications to be integrated must meet, for example, the data security requirements. Kanta PHR uses the HL7 FHIR standard that offers a new international way of developing SOTE data contents even for smaller software developers.

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