Patient rights in electronic prescriptions

Patient rights in electronic prescriptions

Prescriptions are recorded in the centralised database in the Kanta Services, which is called the Prescription Centre. Kela is the controller of the Prescription Centre.

The following are details of your rights regarding prescriptions.

Right to be informed about the Prescription service

Patients must be informed about

  • their rights
  • parties to which their prescription details can be disclosed and under what conditions
  • how they can control the movement of their information 
  • operational principles of the data processing systems and their administrators 
  • how their details entered in Prescription Centre are protected
  • My Kanta Pages and how to log into the service.

The information may be given by a healthcare receptionist, nurse or doctor. Practices vary between units. The information must be provided either verbally, in writing, or via an electronic service.

Information concerning a prescription to be dispensed at a foreign pharmacy is given when the patient gives their consent in My Kanta Pages to have the prescription dispensed abroad.

Right to refuse the disclosure of prescription details

You can prevent your prescriptions being shown to pharmacy and healthcare personnel by registering your refusal of disclosure. You can do this either in the 'Suostumus ja kiellot' (Consents and Refusals) section of My Kanta Pages or at a healthcare unit. Despite the refusal, the person who issued the prescription can see it in Prescription Centre, as can their organisation in the patient data system. 

Doctors issuing a patient with a prescription for CNS drugs or narcotics can see the details of CNS drugs or narcotics prescribed to the patient, regardless of a refusal set on the prescription. 

If you have registered your refusal of having your prescription details disclosed, you can obtain your medicines from the pharmacy only with a printed patient instruction sheet.

Prescriptions subject to your refusal of disclosure cannot be dispensed abroad, even if you have given your consent to disclosure of your prescription details to a pharmacy in another European country.

Right to be informed of the result of a renewal request

You have the right to be informed on whether your prescription has been renewed, your request rejected or the prescription has expired. You can enquire about the status of the renewed prescription at a pharmacy or healthcare unit one week after the request was made.

You can also receive the information on a renewed prescription or its refusal by text message. For this purpose, leave your mobile phone number at the time of the renewal request in My Kanta Pages, at the pharmacy or healthcare unit.

The text message is sent to the number given by the patient, so check that it is correct when submitting a renewal request. The text message is sent by Prescription Centre and it contains the name of the medicine. 

If the prescription cannot be renewed, the healthcare unit is obliged to notify you about it.

Right to inspect your prescription details

You have the right to

  • check the details entered about you in Prescription Centre 
  • obtain details of persons who have handled and viewed your information
  • demand that incorrect information is amended.

Inspection request to Kela

If you wish to inspect the details of prescriptions entered in Prescription Centre, you can send an inspection request to Kela.

You can view the details entered in Prescription Centre 

  • on a patient instruction sheet
  • a prescriptions summary 
  • My Kanta Pages or
  • an inspection request report.

You have the right to obtain the information free of charge once a year. If it is less than a year since the previous request, Kela can make a charge for the costs incurred by providing the information. 

If Kela refuses the patient's right to inspect, it will issue the patient with a certificate of refusal showing the reason for the refusal.

Prescription log data

You can see in My Kanta Pages which organisations have viewed and handled your prescription details. 

As well as details of the organisation, you have the right to obtain information on who has handled your details entered in Prescription Centre. Kela is the data controller of Prescription Centre; therefore a log data request for an electronic prescription is submitted in writing to Kela. 

The log data report shows

  • the persons in the social and healthcare services who have handled the patient's prescription details
  • the reason why the prescription details have been handled.

You will receive the prescription log data for the past two years if you have given no special reason for their disclosure for a longer period.

If you request the same data again, you will receive them only if there is a justifiable reason in order that your interests or rights are fulfilled. Kela can make a charge for reprovided information. 

If you believe, based on the prescription log data, that your prescription details have been handled without a valid reason, you can ask for an investigation from the pharmacy or social and healthcare unit in question.

If the party handling the prescription details is a foreign pharmacy, you can send an investigation request to Kela.


You can make the above requests in writing

  • in free-form or
  • on Kela's official forms available from social and healthcare units and pharmacies using the Prescription service, as well as Kela offices. 
A free-form request must always be signed. 
Post the request to Kela, Kanta-palvelut, PL 450, 00056 KELA.

Right to have incorrect prescription details amended

You have the right to demand that incorrect prescription details are amended. If there is a mistake in your prescription details, ask the social or healthcare unit or pharmacy that made the entry to correct it.

If the social or healthcare unit or pharmacy is unable to amend the incorrect prescription detail, send a written demand for amendment to Kela. Address the amendment request to Kela also if the incorrect prescription entry was made in a foreign pharmacy. If it is not possible to agree to the amendment request, Kela will issue a certificate of refusal, citing the reason.

Deleting and transferring prescription details

In order that Kela's statutory obligation is fulfilled, you have no right to 

  • delete your information entered in Prescription Centre 
  • transfer your information from one system to another. 

The details of an electronic prescription are kept for 22.5 years, after which they are destroyed.

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