Change situations in private health and social services

Change situations in private health and social services

It is the responsibility of enablers of private health and social services to ensure the continuity of Kanta Services contacts also in different change situations.

A change situation of an enabler in health and social services in the private sector may include, e.g.:

  • a change of business ID, in which case the new business ID must be used when joining the Kanta Services
  • corporate merger, in which case the current client account may be terminated and the service enabler will continue using the Kanta Services under the name of a different company
  • termination of the service enabler’s licence, in which case the client account for the Kanta Services must be terminated.

The completion of the change process is described on the page Implementation of a reorganisation.

Further information and instructions on the impacts of change situations on the clients of the Kanta Services can be requested by email from

Service enabler’s details in THL’s Code Service

The details of a private-sector service enabler that is using the Kanta Services must be valid in THL’s Code Service registers. 

Information of the private sector is transferred to the Code Service from the Soteri register maintained by Valvira and the regional state administrative agencies. The registration data of private service enablers must be up-to-date, further information is available on the Valvira website (, in Finnish and in Swedish). Updating of data in the Code Service is described in THL’s instruction Tietojen tarkastaminen SOTE-organisaatiorekisteristä ja päivityksistä ilmoittaminen (Verifying data from the SOTE organisation register and notifying of updates), version 30.1.2017 (pdf,, in Finnish only)..

Last updated 22.1.2024