Delivery of Medical Certificates 

Delivery of Medical Certificates 

The Delivery of Medical Certificates allows organisations outside the health service to utilise the certificate and report data stored in the Patient Data Repository. 

Delivery of Medical Certificates is part of a service ensemble in which certificates and reports issued in the health service are entered in the Patient Data Repository. This makes it possible to supply such data to bodies outside the healthcare system that require it to discharge their statutory duties.

Multi-operator system

For operators outside the health service to obtain certificate and report information for their own use, the data systems must contain certain technical capabilities. Both organisations outside the health service wishing to join Delivery of Medical Certificates and health service organisations entering certificates must have such capabilities. 

The patient records database used by the health service organisation must have the facility of entering the certificate or report in a prescribed structured format in the Patient Data Repository. A further required facility concerns forwarding the certificate or report, if it is one that may be forwarded.

Benefits of the Delivery of Medical Certificates

Electronic and automated delivery of information brings benefits both to clients and professionals. The transfer is secure, easy and fast. Certificates no longer need to be printed or posted, removing the need for handling paper, and the service processes and handling times become faster.

Service users

Clients currently using Delivery of Medical Certificates are Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland and Traficom, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Forwarding of certificate data to Kela has been possible since 2015. Traficom joined the service in 2018.

Uptake of the service will increase in the near future, when other authorities will also be able to utilise the information in certificates and reports digitally via the Kanta services.

Enquiry service

Traficom makes use of the enquiry function of the Delivery of Medical Certificates. 

It frequently requires details of a client's medical certificate in order to process cases. The enquiry function allows Traficom to obtain the report details digitally direct from the Kanta services, so the client does not need to provide the document as hard copy.

Utilisation of reports at Traficom

Traficom provides an electronic service through which the client can carry out several functions related to driving licenses.

If processing the driving license requires information from a medical report, the client can complete the process online, provided that they give Traficom's electronic service permission to retrieve the medical report details from the Kanta services.   

The service can retrieve the information electronically if the health service organisation has entered the report on fitness to drive (F122) in the Patient Data Repository.

The agency can only access certain certificates and reports. It is not possible to gain access to other information in the Patient Data Repository via the Traficom enquiry service.

An enquiry for certificate information is conditional on a specific permission given by the client. The refusals of disclosure entered in the Kanta services do not affect enquiries.

If digital retrieval of report information is not possible, the client must use other methods and prove that they fulfil the criteria of fitness to drive in the customary way, with a paper medical report obtained from the healthcare service. 

Delivery service

The delivery function currently permits forwarding of details on medical certificates and reports to Kela.  

The following certificates and reports can currently be forwarded to Kela

  • SV 6 Medical certificate A for sickness allowance
  • SV 7 Medical report B
  • SV 10 Medical Certificate D for special care allowance for a child
  • SV 97 Medical report on the need for special maternity leave
  • SV 75 Certificate of pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • SV 67 Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Acting on client's permission

A condition of delivering a certificate is that the client gives a separate permission for the forwarding each time. The refusals of disclosure entered in Kanta services do not affect the forwarding of certificate and report information to bodies outside the healthcare service.

Last updated 28.04.2020