Deployment of the Health and Care Plan

Deployment of the Health and Care Plan

The deployment of the Health and Care Plan requires that the healthcare service provider has joined the Patient Data Repository. In addition, the patient data system used by the service provider must be prepared to record the Health and Care Plan.

The Health and Care Plan is a document maintained in the Patient Data Management Service of the Patient Data Repository, and it is drawn up especially in support of the planning and coordination of the care of persons with long-term and multiple conditions. Further information about the functionality:

Requirements for the patient data system

The patient data system in which the Health and Care Plan will be deployed must have undergone joint testing with respect to the contents of functionality. Systems where the Health and Care Plan has undergone joint testing are listed on the page Situation of the Patient Data Repository.  

Deployment process

  1. A healthcare service provider will check with their system supplier whether the functionality can be deployed and what tasks it requires.
  2. The healthcare service provider can register for the deployment, if they need Kela's national support.
  3. The system supplier may carry out the deployment test together with a representative of the healthcare service provider.

Further information about the deployment test and its materials are available in Finnish and Swedish.