Health and Care Plan

Health and Care Plan

The Health and Care Plan is a document maintained in the Patient Data Management Service of the Patient Data Repository. It is maintained by all healthcare professionals who take part in the patient’s care.

The Health and Care Plan is meant for comprehensive coordination and planning of patient care and for supporting continuity of care. The Health Care Act requires a Health and Care Plan to be drawn up in support of patient care. It is drawn up by the patient and a healthcare professional together.

The identified care needs and targets are recorded in the Health and Care Plan. The patient may only have one Health and Care Plan valid at any one time.

The Health and Care Plan supports the implementation of comprehensive care

The Health and Care Plan provides a quick view of the overall care situation. A shared plan helps to eliminate overlapping examinations, and different appointments can be combined for the same visiting time.

With the Health and Care Plan, it is possible to

  • coordinate and plan patient care
  • engage and motivate the patient in their own care
  • instruct the patient and those close to the patient.

The use of the Health and Care Plan is not limited to a single information system or the care of just one condition.

For whom is a Health and Care Plan drawn up?

A Health and Care Plan is drawn up for all patients whose care requires coordination and who benefit from the plan.  These include especially those with long-term and multiple conditions who are encouraged to take care of their own health.

A Health and Care Plan is drawn up, for example, when one or several of the following conditions are met:

  • the patient uses a number of different healthcare services
  • the patient’s illness or physical condition requires long-term monitoring, care or rehabilitation
  • the patient has an acute condition that requires examinations or care from several different services (organisation or healthcare professional)
  • the patient wants a Health and Care Plan for themselves.

More detailed information about the maintenance and data contents of a Health and Care Plan is available in Finnish and Swedish.

In the process of deploying a Health and Care Plan?

Information about the deployment materials.

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