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Chat robot is the new Kanta advisory service

Notice Written on 10.09.2019 All notices

The chat robot now enables a round-the-clock advisory service. Customer feedback plays a key part in further development of the chat robot.

The chatbot Sobotti was introduced in the Kanta customer services on 10 September. The service provides an even better way to give general advice to citizens around the clock. Sobotti operates alongside traditional advisory channels, advising citizens in more general questions related to the Kanta Services. The chat robot is easy to use with various devices. 

Customer feedback plays a key role

Sobotti is developed constantly on the basis of its chat interactions with citizens. Therefore, we welcome development suggestions and feedback from our customers concerning the responses they have received from Sobotti. The feedback can be given immediately after the session has ended. The customer feedback helps to improve the chat robot service. 

Sobotti is available on the contact details page. Give it a go! For the present, Sobotti speaks only Finnish.