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null Updated web pages for testing on

Updated web pages for testing on

Notice Written on 04.07.2019 All notices

The section for testing aimed at system developers on has been updated, and you now have access to the redesigned pages.

Information about our testing services are now available through the following navigation:

  • Joint testing
    • Here you find information about for instance how to become part of the joint testing process and about the joint testing process.
  • Register for joint testing
    • When all is ready for starting joint testing, the registration forms are available here.
  • In support of testing
    • Information about our support services is available here.
  • Test etiquette
    • Information about the etiquette of the Kanta client test service is available here.
  • Situation of joint testing
    • Information about ongoing and approved joint tests for various information system suppliers with respect to different services is available here.

The aim of the update was to create a clearer structure on the web pages so that it is easier to find the information you are looking for. The information in the service description for the joint testing is now also part of the pages, which means that the information is also available in Swedish and English.

Please note that the update means changes to the web addresses of the pages, so you should check any links you may have made to our website.

Feedback on the update can be sent by e-mail to: