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null Kelain does not work with all Android devices

Kelain does not work with all Android devices

Notice - Professionals Written on 15.10.2019 All notices

Kela is currently unable to support mobile use of Kelain with all Android devices.

The SCS signer application of the Population Register Centre is required for mobile use of Kelain. There is currently no updated version of the app available, due to which it is not compatible with some Android devices and versions. We are seeking to find a solution to this in cooperation with the authorities. 

Mobile use of Kelain on iOS mobile devices (e.g. iPad or iPhone) is not possible because the signer application required for authentication is not available for the operating system in question. 

Kelain is used on mobile devices in the browser at

Instructions for using Kelain can be found on the site Kelain users and commissioning.

Kelain is used for issuing prescriptions on the basis of professional practice rights (doctor, dentist) without the purpose of profit. 


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. 

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