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Activity data entered in Omapolku in Health Village can now be viewed in My Kanta Pages

Notice Written on 13.12.2018 All notices

It is now possible to enter data collected with a heart rate monitor, fitness tracker or personal scales in the Omapolku service in the Health Village (Terveyskylä) and also view it in Kela’s My Kanta Pages.

Thanks to a new link, it is possible to enter data collected with wellbeing apps in a smartphone or with an activity meter in the Omapolku service channel in the Health Village and also view it in the wellbeing section in Kela’s My Kanta Pages. In the first phase, this can be done with Fitbit, Polar and Withings (Nokia) devices.

Part of preventative healthcare

It is particularly useful to be able to view personal monitoring data collected with various devices in Health Village’s Omapolku service when the patient is being treated under the digital care path. The collected data is saved in the patient’s own measurement history, which makes it easy for the patient to monitor it themselves.

It is important to allow the professionals to view citizens’ personal health monitoring data. That way it will become a natural part of lifestyle guidance and preventative healthcare.

“In the future, you can also give your permission to healthcare professionals to view the results of your measuring devices in Omapolku in the Health Village, as well as in My Kanta Pages. Currently you are the only person who can view the data,” says Project Manager Sami Laakkonen of HUS digital healthcare services.

Citizens will be able to give their permission once the Parliament has passed the Client Data Act. After that, clients can give healthcare professionals permission to view the activity data in the Omapolku service in the Health Village and in the wellbeing section of My Kanta Pages.

Health Village (Terveyskylä.fi) is a digital specialist healthcare service developed together with the patients. It provides information and support for citizens, care for patients, and tools for professionals. Omapolku is an electronic, personal service channel in the Health Village website, Terveyskylä.fi.

My Kanta Pages is a personal online service where citizens can view their own prescription and patient data and print out a summary of the prescriptions. My Kanta Pages now has a new Wellbeing Data section. The Wellbeing Data section shows the data that you have personally saved in My Kanta Pages Personal Health Record (Kanta PHR).

Information about Kanta PHR