Order brochures

Order brochures

Pharmacies and social welfare and healthcare units can order copies of the brochure MyKanta – Guide to Citizens free of charge directly from the printers using this form. Printed brochures are available in Finnish and Swedish.

A new version of the OmaKanta tutuksi (MyKanta - Guide for citizens) brochure will be released
A new version of the MyKanta - Guide for citizens brochure will be released in April. We kindly ask that you wait until the new brochure has been published before placing your next order. We will notify you on kanta.fi as soon as the new brochures are available to order.

The language versions of the brochures can be ordered in batches of 100, however, a maximum of 3,000 copies in one order.  

The contact details you provide will only be used for the processing and delivery of the order. The order will be fulfilled by Kela’s external contract partner. The order register will be deleted automatically after 90 days of receiving the order.

Are you looking for the MyKanta – Guide to Citizens brochures in other languages? Brochures in other languages (Inari Sami, Skolt Sami, Northern Sami, Arabic, English, Estonian, Russian, Somali and Soranî) can be printed as PDF files from the material bank.