Urinary monitoring

Urinary monitoring

The urinary monitoring profiles are not yet used in any application.

The data contents are the Observation resource type of the FHIR standard (hl7.org).

Profile-specific definitions of urinary monitoring profiles of PHR

The table contains profile-specific definitions for the urinary monitoring profiles of the PHR. Each profile has a link to the implementation guide and a link to the FHIR profile.

Data content Specifications Descriptions
Urinary monitoring

Implementation guide for the urinary monitoring base profile (simplifier.net)

Urinary monitoring FHIR base profile (simplifier.net)

The base definition used as a basis for data content for all urinary monitoring data. 

Urine output

Implementation guide for the urine output profile (simplifier.net)

Urine output FHIR profile (simplifier.net)

Amount of urine in milliliters
Urine flow max

Implementation guide for the urine flow max profile (simplifier.net)

Urine flow max FHIR profile (simplifier.net)

Urine flow intensity in milliliters per second
Urine incontinence 

Implementation guide for the urine incontinence profile (simplifier.net)

Urine incontinence FHIR profile (simplifier.net)

Self-estimated amount of urinary incontinence on a scale of +, ++, and +++
Last updated 28.09.2021