Specifications of the Personal Health Record

Specifications of the Personal Health Record

This page presents general, content independent specifications of the Personal Health Record. Sub-pages of this section contains links for the data content specifications used in Personal Health Record. The data content is open, published online and thus available for all.

General specifications for all data content

PHR Functional requirements

General specifications for all data contnet in PHR
Specifications Description

Descriptions and requirements of the most common use cases from the point of view of a server application that can be integrated into PHR.

Similar descriptions and requirements will come later for the professional applications as well.

The authorization guide describes how to authorize applications ton PHR.

PHR Data content

Table: PHR Data Content
Specifications Description


All PHR data contents are based on HL7 FHIR standard and all well-being data stored in PHR must comply the HL7 FHIR profiles approved in national data content of the PHR. All profiles can be found in the Finnish PHR project from Simplifier FHIR registry.

At the moment, PHR supports STU3 and R4 versions side by side. R4 versions are not yet in production use.

Not all profiles in Simplifier are yet in production use. Different profile statuses can be found from this Simplifier table (simplifier.net)

More information from profiles can be found from PHR's implementation guide.

The information content is developed in cooperation with different actors. Read more about national data content development here.

PHR Interfaces

Table: PHR Interfaces
Specifications Description

PHR's Capability Statement is available at the Simplifier-profile register Finnish PHR project. It describes the REST interactions supported by the platform and the available Search Parameters.

More information about the interfaces according to the FHIR standard can be found on the standard's own pages.

Last updated 28.09.2021

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