You can view your health data in MyKanta. Social welfare service data will also gradually be made available in MyKanta. You can also request a prescription renewal or save a living will in the system. You can log in to MyKanta using your online banking credentials, for example.

In MyKanta, you can

  • read treatment-related records
  • request a prescription renewal
  • check the results of laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • gradually access social welfare service data
  • save your living will and organ donation testament
  • consent to or prohibit the sharing of your data
  • browse your wellbeing data
  • obtain a digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

It does not matter whether you use public, private, or occupational healthcare services. Thanks to the nationwide Kanta Services, you can access your data in MyKanta. The data will be displayed in the service for as long as required in accordance with the statutory retention period.

You can also check which social welfare and healthcare units or pharmacies have accessed your data through the Kanta Services. Read more on the How do I check where my records have been handled? page.

Use requires a Finnish personal identity code and means of identification

You need to log in to MyKanta in order to see your data. Means of identification include

You can also prove your identity using an organisation card or an ID card for regulated social welfare and healthcare professionals issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Log in to MyKanta

Acting on behalf of another person

A legal guardian may act on behalf of all minors in their care in MyKanta. There are differences in how a child’s social welfare and healthcare data are shown to parents/guardians. Read more about acting on behalf of a minor.

An adult and legally competent person can act on behalf of another adult in MyKanta. Read more about acting on behalf of another adult.

If there is an error in the data

If you notice errors or omissions in your data, please contact the social welfare and healthcare unit that treated you or the pharmacy that recorded the data. If necessary, this unit may rectify your data.

The data cannot be rectified by the Kanta Services’ customer services.

You can determine how your data is used

When you visit a healthcare or social services provider or MyKanta for the first time, you will receive a notification informing you about how the Kanta Services operate and how the recorded data is used. This notification is titled ‘Information about the Kanta Services’.

You can determine how your data is used. By giving your consent to data sharing, you can ensure that your data is available to the professionals treating you. If you wish, you can also restrict the use of your data by setting denials of consent to data sharing. Patient data in healthcare and client data in social welfare have their own consents to data sharing.

You can give your consent to data sharing and set denials of consent to data sharing in MyKanta in the “Management of Data Use in MyKanta” section. You can also give consent or set denials of consent to the sharing of patient data when you use healthcare services.

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Last updated 18.4.2024