My Kanta Pages

My Kanta Pages

In My Kanta Pages you can see your own health records and prescriptions, request a prescription renewal and save your living will and organ donation testament. The EU digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate is available in the My Kanta Pages as well.

In My Kanta Pages you can see

  • electronic prescriptions
  • records related to your treatment
  • the EU digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate
  • laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • which healthcare units and pharmacies have accessed your prescription and medical records through the Kanta Services. Read more on the page How is my data used?

In the other vaccination records, My Kanta Pages shows the data that has been entered after the healthcare unit joined Kanta. In the future, vaccination records will be shown on one page in My Kanta Pages. Currently, the recorded data can be accessed on the Medical records page from the pull-down menu Rokotukset (Vaccinations) > Hae käynnit (Search visits).

In My Kanta Pages, you can also

  • request a repeat prescription
  • save your living will and organ donation testament
  • consent to or deny the sharing of own data
  • consent to the disclosure of prescription information to a pharmacy in another European country
  • browse your own wellbeing data.

In My Kanta Pages, you can see the data concerning dependents under 10 years of age. As from 1 October 2020, you can see data concerning dependents aged between 10 and 17 after the healthcare unit has made the necessary changes in the patient data system.

An adult and fully authorised person may act on behalf of another adult in My Kanta Pages. Access is based on e-authorisation with authorisations ( Authorisation heading Managing matters related to healthcare

To use the service, you need a Finnish personal ID code and means of identification

These include

  • online bank IDs
  • mobile IDs  
  • ID card for online services.

Authentication is also possible with an organisation card or social and health care professional card issued by the The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (prev. Population Register Centre).

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My Kanta Pages is a nationwide service

It doesn’t matter whether you use public, private or occupational healthcare services. They all use the Kanta Services (electronic prescriptions, the Pharmaceutical Database, the Patient Data Repository and the patient data management service).

You can see your details in My Kanta Pages due to the nationwide system.

Electronic prescriptions are in use in both the public and the private healthcare sector. An up-to-date list of healthcare units using the Patient Data Repository.

The service will show the information and entries on electronic prescriptions  

  • how long the prescription is valid
  • how much medication is left
  • when the medicine has last been collected from the pharmacy
  • dosage instructions
  • who has prescribed the medication
  • when and where the prescription was issued
  • whether the prescription has been renewed.

You can also send a request for a repeat prescription in the service.

The health records shown include

  • patient records and diagnoses
  • critical risk factors
  • laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • referrals
  • health and care plan
  • medical certificates and reports.

The records will be displayed in the service for as long as required according to the statutory retention period.

You can find out more about the service with the help of the online school (only in Finnish and in Swedish).

If the records are incorrect

If you notice any errors or deficiencies in your records, please contact the healthcare unit you attended or the pharmacy where the information was recorded. Healthcare services are responsible for recording patient data and correcting any errors in it. You can ask for advice, for example, from the data protection officer or the patient ombudsman of the unit in question. Kela is unable to correct the information.

If the erroneous entry was recorded by a pharmacy in another European country, please contact Kela.

You can determine how your data are used

When you visit a health care or social services provider or the My Kanta Pages for the first time, you will be informed about the operating principles of the Kanta Services and the use of data recorded in Kanta. You will also receive information on how to influence how your data are processed. This is how you are kept informed. For more on keeping you informed, see the page How is my data used

You can determine how your data are used in health care. By submitting your consent to data sharing, you can ensure that all the service providers involved in your care have sufficient and up-to-date information about you. If you wish, you may restrict the use of your data stored in Kanta by entering a denial of consent to patient data sharing and a denial of consent to prescription data sharing.

You can issue and administer a consent to data sharing or denials of consent to data sharing on the My Kanta Pages under Data use management or when you visit your health care service provider. 

Declarations of intention

You can record your living will and organ donation instructions on the My Kanta pages. Stored in the Patient Data Repository, your advance healthcare directives can be accessed by healthcare providers

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Last updated 25.10.2022