Get familiar with My Kanta Pages!

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Get familiar with My Kanta Pages!

This page contains information for young people about My Kanta Pages. My Kanta Pages is a web service where you can view your own health data and prescriptions. The data becomes viewable in My Kanta Pages after every healthcare appointment.

Only you, the healthcare professionals attending to your care and, in certain cases, your parents or guardians can see the data in My Kanta Pages. 

Are you worried about something to do with your health? Don’t hesitate to speak to your parents or guardians or, for example, to your school nurse. They may be able to give you support and help you. 

Get familiar with My Kanta Pages! (

See your health data in My Kanta Pages

In My Kanta Pages you can see:

  • prescriptions for medicines prescribed for you
  • entries made by healthcare professionals with regard to your care
  • your laboratory tests and X-ray examinations
  • your vaccination data.

Not all of the oldest healthcare appointments have necessarily been recorded in My Kanta Pages.

You can log in to My Kanta Pages through the pages of this online service from the Log in to My Kanta Pages button in the upper right-hand corner. To use My Kanta Pages, you need a Finnish personal identity code, as well as online bank access codes, mobile ID or an electronic identity card. 

Further information about the mobile ID is available from your mobile operator, and you can ask your bank about issues related to online banking codes.

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Data in My Kanta Pages is private 

Your data in My Kanta Pages cannot be seen by anyone who is not attending to your health care. For example, a teacher cannot access your data in My Kanta Pages. Healthcare professionals always have a duty of secrecy in matters related to your health, i.e. they will not discuss your details with anyone else. 

Parents or guardians will also be able to act on your behalf in My Kanta Pages

When you have an appointment with a doctor or other healthcare professional, they will assess whether you are able to decide on your care without the help of a parent or guardian. The assessment is made separately during every appointment.

The decision-making capacity depends on many things, such as

  • age
  • reason for the appointment  
  • care plan.

If the treating person assesses that you are capable of making decisions, you can choose whether your parents or guardians will see your data in My Kanta Pages. If it is assessed that you cannot decide on your care by yourself, your parents or guardians will also see the information on your appointment in My Kanta Pages.

The data of a child over the age of 10 will be visible to the guardian once the necessary modifications to the patient information systems have been carried out in the healthcare organisations. 

A guardian will be able to access the data concerning child under 10 years of age.


The change has been introduced in several municipalities and at various treatment centres. You can ask your own healthcare provider whether they have already implemented the modifications.

Last updated 15.6.2022

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