The Kanta assistant chatbot is at your service 24/7

The Kanta assistant chatbot is at your service 24/7

The Kanta Services’ chatbot, the Kanta assistant, provides citizens with advice on issues relating to the use of MyKanta and other Kanta Services.

The Kanta assistant is available all day, every day on this website in Finnish and Swedish. You can find the chatbot at the bottom of the page.

What can the Kanta assistant help you with?

The Kanta assistant answers questions related to issues such as

  • using MyKanta and logging in to the service
  • renewing prescriptions
  • acting on behalf of a minor or an adult.

The Kanta assistant can direct you to the correct page, where you can find more information about the issue you need help with.

What can’t the Kanta assistant help you with?

The chatbot cannot provide advice on individual situations. Questions about medication, diagnoses, and treatment guidelines can only be answered by a health care professional. Please contact your own health care provider for any medical advice.

The Kanta assistant learns from feedback

You can give the Kanta assistant feedback by using the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons. Your feedback will help us improve the content of the Kanta assistant chatbot.

At the end of your chat, you can give written feedback. The feedback is regularly monitored.

Data security of the Kanta assistant

All chats with the Kanta assistant are of a general nature. Never enter your personal data in the chat for security reasons. The chatbot does not store any information about the user, and chats with the chatbot are anonymous.

Last updated 2.4.2024