Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports are recorded in the Patient Data Repository. They can be utilised in organisations outside the healthcare services. In each situation, utilisation requires individualised consent of the patient and preparedness of the patient data system.

The deployment of certificates and reports makes progress in stages.  The development plan regarding certificates and reports in accordance with the stagewise decree is presented in the publication schedule of the Kanta services.

Forwarding certificates to Kela

Certificates and reports issued by healthcare professionals are recorded in the Patient Data Repository and forwarded with the Kanta services to Kela for benefit processing.

E.g. the following certificates and reports can be forwarded to Kela:

  • Medical certificate A SV 6 for sickness allowance
  • Medical report B SV 7
  • Medical certificate D SV 10 for special care allowance for a child
  • Medical report SV 97 on the need for special maternity leave
  • Certificate SV 75 on pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • Certificate SV 67 for compensation for travel expenses

Testing of functionality 

Before electronic certificates or reports can be recorded in the Kanta services, the system supplier must test each certificate in accordance with the instructions given by Kela. The system suppliers and Kela are taking part in the testing. Link to joint testing.

Deployment of functionality 

When a healthcare service starts to archive certificates and reports, at least one deployment test must be carried out on every certificate with each patient data system in question.  The test is carried out with the test personal identity code in accordance with Kela’s instructions.

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Last updated 24.02.2020