Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports

Electronic medical certificates and reports can be stored in Kanta. The data can also be utilised by organisations outside the health care services at the patients’ request.

Medical certificates and reports in the Patient Data Repository are up to date and available to the health care professionals involved in the patient’s treatment. Data can also be transmitted outside the health care sector.  

The customer can view certificates that have been saved and forwarded to Kanta in MyKanta. 

The Client Data act regulates the storage of certain certificates and reports in the Kanta Services.

Use of medical certificates and reports outside of health care

Certificates and reports or data pertaining to them can also be transmitted electronically to certain actors outside the health care sector with the help of Kanta’s  Services Delivery of Medical Certificates service.

It is currently possible to forward health care certificates to Kela. Information on the Medical report on Fitness to Drive form (F122) may also be sent to the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). Data is always sent at the client’s request.

Medical certificates and reports can be forwarded directly from Kanta to Kela for the purpose of benefit processing. This is possible if the health care provider’s patient information system has implemented the recording and forwarding of certificates to Kela. 

The client will agree on the forwarding of the certificate with the health care professional and receive a printout of the certificate if desired. The client will also be able to see the certificate and information about where it has been sent in MyKanta and the OmaKela e-service.

It is possible to forward the following certificates to Kela:

  • Medical certificate A for sickness allowance (SV 6)
  • Medical statement B (SV 7)
  • Medical certificate D for a child’s special care allowance (SV 10)
  • Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses (SV 67)
  • Certificate of pregnancy (SV 75)
  • Medical statement on the need for special maternity leave (SV 97)

Traficom can utilise driving ability data stored in Kanta in its e-service and at its service provider Ajovarma’s service points. Data is retrieved at the customer’s request.

Retrieving the data is possible if the healthcare organisation has stored the electronic Medical Statement on Fitness to Drive (F122) in the Patient Data Repository. The statement must be stored in a structured format and can be up to 6 months old in order for the data to be used.

If a medical statement on fitness to drive cannot be saved in the Patient Data Repository, the statement must be given to the customer in paper form.

Instructions for health care services

If your client requires an electronic statement on their fitness to drive, do the following:


Verify whether your organisation’s patient data system can store the Medical Statement on Fitness to Drive form in a structured format in the Patient Data Repository.

  • Please note that entering driving ability data in patient data and storing them the Patient Data Repository is not the same as saving a structured form.
  • For up-to-date information about whether it is possible to save the form, please contact your organisation. 

Complete the form. Under ‘Doctor provides the customer with’, select the purpose for the statement as Application for/renewal of a driving licence and/or Extended doctor’s statement. The information on the form cannot otherwise be used at Traficom.

Save the form to the Patient Data Repository.

Provide the client with a printout of the form if they request one. You can also explain to the client that they will be able to see the form under Medical certificates and reports in the Health Information section of MyKanta.

If your organisation is unable to save the form in Kanta, provide the client with a paper statement on fitness to drive.

How to start storing and forwarding certificates

You can deploy the functionality once your organisation has joined as a user of the Patient Data Repository.

To start storing and forwarding certificates:

Please contact your informaiton system provider to ensure that the certificates can be saved in Kanta and forwarded to Kela via your patient information system. Systems that have been joint tested for the functionality are also available on the Patient Data Repository Status page (only in Finnish).

Ask your system provider if your organisation needs a new access point to store certificates. Report the access point information to Kela using the Notification of change of technical data (docx, in Finnish)

Perform a deployment test with your information system provider. The test involves entering the data for a specified test case at a predetermined time. You can test the storing and forwarding of multiple certificates at once.

The deployment test must be performed if: 

  • certificates have not previously been saved in Kanta using the patient information system in question 
  • you wish to begin forward certificates to an operator outside of health care.

If the deployment test is not carried out, we always recommend verifying the technical functionality of the certificates before deployment. 

Send a report of a successfully completed deployment test to Kela. 

Reports used by Traficom have their own test person ID, which you can find in the deployment test report template.

For Certificates and reports to be forwarded to Kela you must use their own test person ID, which only allows forwarding. You can find the test person ID in the deployment test report template. Please note that the certificate forwarded using the test person ID is not actually sent to Kela’s benefit processing, so it is not possible to check with them whether the forwarding was successful. Your patient information system will receive a notification that the certificate was successfully forwrded.

The test person IDs to be used for other medical certificates and reports to be stored in the Patient Data Repository are available from your information system provider. 

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Last updated 11.7.2024