Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports

Electronic medical certificates and reports can be entered into the Patient Data Repository. They can also be utilised by organisations outside the healthcare services with the patient’s consent.

Medical certificates and reports entered into the Patient Data Repository in a structured format will be available to view by healthcare professionals, when required, and in My Kanta Pages by the patient him/herself. Medical certificates and reports can also be shared electronically with certain operators outside the healthcare service with the aid of the Delivery of Medical Certificates service under the Kanta Services.

Currently, it is possible to share healthcare certificates with Kela. In addition, the information in the report on fitness to drive (F122) form is utilised in the Traficom service.

The possibility of viewing information on medical certificates and reports and sharing it with other operators brings benefits to both clients and professionals. The objective is that the deployment of the entering of medical certificates and reports will progress rapidly in the healthcare services in terms of certificates that can already be entered into the Kanta Services. That way the benefits of electronic sharing of medical certificates and reports will also be realised. Faster services with electronic delivery of healthcare certificates

The time schedules for the deployment of various medical certificates and reports are described in the publication schedule. The pages on joint testing include information about the certificates that have already gone through joint testing and that are available with respect to each patient data system.

Use of medical certificates and reports outside the healthcare service

Sharing with Kela

Kela needs the information on medical certificates and reports in connection with benefits processing. If a healthcare system has implemented the archiving of medical certificates and sharing them with Kela, a healthcare professional will be able to share the certificate or report directly with Kela with the client’s consent. That way there is no need to deliver the medical certificate or report separately to Kela.

The client agrees with the doctor on sharing the certificate, and they will also receive a printout, if they so wish, which includes the information about sharing the certificate. The information can also be viewed by the client in My Kanta Pages and in Kela’s online service.

Currently, it is technically possible to share the following medical certificates and reports with Kela in the Kanta Services:

  • SV 6 Medical certificate A for sickness allowance
  • SV 7 Medical report B
  • SV 10 Medical certificate D for special care allowance for a child
  • SV 97 Medical report on the need for special maternity leave
  • SV 75 Certificate of pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • SV 67 Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Utilisation of data at Traficom

Traficom provides an electronic service through which the client can carry out several functions related to driving licenses. The service can retrieve information about the client’s fitness to drive with the client’s consent. This is possible if the healthcare organisation has entered the report on fitness to drive (F 122) into the Patient Data Repository and the report has been issued within the previous 6 months.

If the data of the medical certificate has not been entered into the Patient Data Repository, it is not possible to retrieve it in the electronic service. In that case, the client is unable to use Traficom’s electronic service and they need to contact Traficom’s service provider Ajovarma to prove their fitness to drive with a paper certificate on fitness to drive (F122) issued by a doctor.

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Last updated 20.08.2021