Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports

Medical certificates and reports in electronic format can be entered into the Patient Data Repository. The data can also be utilised by organisations outside the healthcare services at the patient’s request.

Healthcare service providers have been obligated to store certain certificates and documents referred to in the Mental Health Act in Kanta Services on the basis of a previous decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. With the entry into force of the Client Data Act at the end of 2021, the recording obligation was extended to new certificates.

Electronic transmission of certificates and statements makes services easier to use

The certificates and statements stored in a structured format in the patient data archive are, where necessary, visible to healthcare professionals and on MyKanta to the patient. In addition, data can be transmitted outside the healthcare sector .

The possibility to view and transmit information on certificates and statements to other actors is beneficial to customers and professionals alike. The aim is to swiftly introduce certificate and statement storage in healthcare with regard to certificates that can already be stored in the Kanta Services. This also realises the benefits of the electronic transmission of certificates and statements.

Use of medical certificates and reports outside the healthcare service

Certificates and statements or data pertaining to them can also be transmitted electronically to certain actors outside the healthcare sector with the help of the Kanta Services Delivery of Medical Certificates service.

At the moment, it is possible to forward healthcare certificates to Kela. Traficom's e-service also utilises the information in the Medical Report on Driving Ability (F122) form.

Forwarding to Kela

Kela requires information on certificates and statements for benefit processing. If the healthcare system has implemented the archiving and forwarding of certificates to Kela, the healthcare professional may, at the customer's request, forward the certificate or statement directly to Kela. In this case, the certificate or statement does not need to be separately submitted.

The customer will agree with the doctor on forwarding the certificate and receive a printout of the certificate if desired. The customer can also see the information in MyKanta and OmaKela.

Currently, it is technically possible to share the following medical certificates and reports with Kela in the Kanta Services:

  • SV 6 Medical certificate A for sickness allowance
  • SV 7 Medical report B
  • SV 10 Medical certificate D for special care allowance for a child
  • SV 97 Medical report on the need for special maternity leave
  • SV 75 Certificate of pregnancy or postnatal examination
  • SV 67 Certificate for reimbursement of travel expenses.

Utilisation of data at Traficom

Traficom uses an electronic service where the customer can take care of several matters related to their driving licence. The e-service can be used to retrieve information on driving ability. Driving ability data can also be utilised electronically at Traficom's service provider Ajovarma's service point. In both cases, the data are always retrieved at the customer's request.

Retrieving the data is possible if the healthcare organisation has stored the electronic Medical Statement on Driving Ability (F122) in the Patient Data Repository. The statement must be stored in a structured format and can be up to 6 months old in order for the data to be used.

If the doctor's statement data are not stored in the Patient Data Repository, it will not be possible to make use of the electronic driving ability data. In this case, the customer must visit an Ajovarma service point and demonstrate the fulfilment of driving health requirements by means of a printed medical report on driving ability issued by a doctor.

In the process of deploying medical certificates and reports?

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Last updated 3.10.2023