Acting on behalf of a minor

Acting on behalf of a minor

A parent or carer of an under-aged child may act on their child's behalf at the pharmacy and healthcare service in all matters related to electronic prescriptions.

If necessary, the status of carer is proved with an extract from the population register. This is available from the Local Register Office.

On My Kanta pages

A parent or other guardian can act on behalf of their child in My Kanta Pages. This function will be rolled out in phases. During stage one, a parent or carer may act on behalf of their child under the age of 10. 

A parent or carer may

  • view electronic prescriptions and medical records recorded in Kanta Services since 1 August 2016
  • ask for a prescription to be renewed
  • confirm receipt of information on services
  • give a consent concerning Kanta Services.

In the case of a newborn child, the parent or carer can confirm receipt of information and give or cancel a consent in My Kanta Pages only after the child has a name that has been entered in the Population Information System. 

On behalf of children over 10 years of age, the parent or carer can only view records entered before the child reached the age of 10.

Parents or carers log into My Kanta Pages using their own IDs. Their right of viewing the child’s records is checked from the Population Information System.

Parents or carers cannot access the child’s records, if

  • parents or carers themselves have been assigned agents authorised to act on their behalf
  • the child or one of the parents or guardians have personal data access restrictions
  • there is an agreement or order concerning the child's shared custody

The contents of a shared care or control order are not yet recorded in the Population Information System in such a format that the information systems would be able to check the contents of the order (e.g. information about division of tasks between parents or other guardians). For that reason, parents or other guardians with a note recorded in the Population Information System that the care of their child is shared are currently not able to act on the child’s behalf. However, guardians can act on behalf of a minor if the agreement only extends to the residential arrangements of the minor or if he/she is the child’s single parent or sole carer.

Acting on behalf of a minor in My Kanta Pages is introduced in stages.

Parents or guardians will be able to act on behalf of their child over 10 years of age in My Kanta Pages once the necessary changes have been made in the Kanta Services and the healthcare data systems. The changes concern the implementation of self-determination of minors and their options to prevent the viewing of data related to their care by their parents or guardians in My Kanta Pages.

According to the Act on the Status and Rights of Patients, a minor patient has the right to decide on their medical treatment, if they are of such age and level of development that they are capable of making decisions regarding their treatment.  Additionally, the minor patient has the right to decide whether or not their records are shown to their carers. In such a case, the health service can block the parent or carer from viewing the records on My Kanta Pages.

Situations where the patient data of a child under 10 years of age is not shown to parents or carers are very rare and they can be managed with information systems used in the healthcare services.

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Last updated 20.08.2019