MyKanta to be updated

MyKanta to be updated

The national MyKanta online service will be updated in stages from autumn 2023. The changes will make the service more accessible and easier to use. On this page, we have compiled key information about the changes that will take place and about the updated service.

MyKanta, which has been in use for more than 10 years, requires technological updates and will be updated to better meet the requirements for modern digital services. Feedback collected from service users plays an important role in updating MyKanta.

The key priorities for the new MyKanta are

  • ease of use
  • data discoverability
  • clear and understandable language 
  • accessible visual design. 

The new MyKanta will also work better with things like screen readers, which improve the service for visually impaired users.

The new and old versions of MyKanta will operate side-by-side during the transition phase

The first functionality available in the new My Kanta will be the ability to view and renew prescriptions.

The old version of MyKanta will remain in use alongside the new one until sufficient functionalities are added to the new MyKanta service. The transition to the new MyKanta will be completed in 2025.

How to use the new MyKanta

You can try out the new MyKanta by logging in to the service at Once you have logged in to MyKanta, you can select the new version of the service.

Below is a list of instructions for the sections of the online service that you can currently try out in the new MyKanta.

Share your thoughts about the new MyKanta

We welcome any feedback from MyKanta users about the new service! You can give feedback directly in the new version of MyKanta. We are constantly developing and improving the service based on feedback. 

You can send us feedback also using the contact form or on one of the following Kanta social media channels:

You can also share your opinion about the new MyKanta using the Kanta assistant chatbot.

Updates to the new MyKanta

Front page of the new MyKanta

A front page was published for the new MyKanta on 16 April 2024. The front page contains all of the sections of the new MyKanta. Your other information can be accessed in the old version of MyKanta.

Prescription table view

From 27 February, you will be able to modify the prescription view in MyKanta when using a computer. You can select either a table or grid format for the list. It is not possible to change view while using MyKanta on a phone.

New denials of consent to patient data sharing

As a result of the Client Data Act, new denials of consent to patient data sharing have been introduced in MyKanta. From 2 January 2024, denials of consent can be set in the new version of MyKanta for all patient data and for private occupational health care registers. Other denials of consent can be set in the old version of MyKanta. This arrangement is temporary. In the future, you will be able to manage all of your consents and denials of consent in the new version of MyKanta. Find out more about denials of consent to patient data sharing.

Prescription printing

On 14 December, the possibility to print prescriptions has been added to the Prescriptions section. Prescription information can be printed as a PDF file, either as a summary or as a prescription list. 

The new Prescriptions section has been launched

The new Prescriptions section has been launched as the first part of the MyKanta update. As of 25 October 2023, you will be able to view and renew your prescriptions in the new version of MyKanta. It is not yet possible to act on behalf of another person in the new MyKanta.

Last updated 29.4.2024