Impacts of the Client Data Act on Kanta Services

Impacts of the Client Data Act on Kanta Services

The Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Healthcare and Social Welfare (the Client Data Act, 784/2021) came into force on 1 November 2021.

The Client Data Act will bring changes to the Kanta Services, such as

  • sharing of data between service providers within the healthcare or social welfare services as well as between the healthcare and social welfare sectors
  • the option of sharing wellbeing data in the Kanta PHR with healthcare and social welfare service operators
  • the obligation of social welfare service providers to join Kanta.

The changes will enter into force in phases. 

Sharing of data

As a result of the Client Data Act, a client’s data will be transferred within healthcare and social welfare services from one organisation to another if the client has given their consent to share information between service providers.


Before client and patient data can be shared, the client must be informed of the Kanta Services, their operating principles and the client’s rights. Kanta information shall be provided again if the client has not been informed before or if there are changes to the services.

As the wellbeing services counties begin operations, and with the temporary right of access to information in the region of Uusimaa, new Kanta Services information must be issued to all citizens nationwide. New information will be provided on the My Kanta Pages or when you engage with healthcare services.

The provision of new information covers all Kanta Services. In social welfare services, the obligation to provide information starts when the service provider has joined the Kanta Services and data sharing within the sector is enabled.

Kanta informing will become available for downloading in our material bank at a later date.

Consent to data sharing; consents and refusals

The current consent that enables data sharing within the healthcare services has been renamed as consent to data sharing. There will also be equivalent consent for data sharing regarding the disclosure of data within the social welfare services.

Consents given previously in healthcare service will remain in force, enabling the continuation of data sharing also in the future. The client can restrict the consent to data sharing by issuing refusals.  A parent or guardian or another legal representative may issue refusals on behalf of a minor in the healthcare service.

A healthcare service provider must record entries of information given, consents to data sharing, and refusals, consents and other declarations of intent without delay in the patient data system.

When the client so requests, they must be given a printout of consents to data sharing, consents and refusals, or similar information about the above declarations of intent in another accessible way. After the Act has entered into force, it will not be necessary to sign the above-mentioned documents or archive them in the operating units.

A verbal consent to sharing prescription data will be withdrawn when the new Client Data Act enters into force.

Changes to data sharing becoming effective at a later date

In the future, a client or patient will be able to extend a refusal to all of their client and patient data in the healthcare and social welfare services (extensive refusal to share data). At the client’s request, they can be provided with a summary of all existing denials of consent recorded in the system.

Sharing of data between the healthcare and social welfare sectors is based on a new consent given by the client.

Wellbeing data in the Kanta PHR can be shared with service enablers with the citizen’s consent in order to implement health and social services.

Obligation for social welfare services to join the Kanta Services

The Client Data Act obliges all providers of public and private social welfare service to join the Client Data Archive for Social Welfare Services. In addition, there will be changes to the recording of client documents in the social service as a result of the Act. Social welfare service providers will deploy the Kanta Services within the transition periods.

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