Priorities of the Kanta Services

Priorities of the Kanta Services

In 2021, the development of the Kanta Services focuses on tasks connected to coronavirus pandemic, the Client Data Act, and the development of My Kanta Pages.

The Kanta Services is a national digital service entity for social welfare and health care, and it is also linked with international information systems. The Kanta Services will expand and become more versatile in compliance with the clients’ needs and the development of legislation. The development of the Kanta Services is guided and funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.  

The purpose of the Kanta development and deployment is to meet the citizens’ needs in social welfare and healthcare services and respond to the changes in the operating environment. The data contents of the Kanta Services are also utilised in secondary use and knowledge management. The information needs of the social welfare and healthcare reform are taken into account in the development work. 

Development of services

The development of the Kanta Services means the development of services used by the social welfare and healthcare sector. The development stages until 2021 are described in the publication schedule. The schedule includes the development schedules for functionalities in accordance with the legislative requirements, as well as the deadlines for deployment by social welfare and healthcare providers.

Development priorities in 2021:

Deployment of the services

Kela supports and guides the social welfare and healthcare organisations in the deployment of the Kanta Services. The deployment processes are carried out annually in three phases. Social welfare and healthcare organisations are given support, e.g. at the deployment preparation event and during operating model and operating method training. 

Deployment priorities in 2021:

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